Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who decide our fate??

Just to share something although I'm a bit buzy struggling to digest the whole syllabus for the final exam.I'm not saying that I'm study for the sake of exam but it's normal to boost up to gear 5 at this moment.

Personally,I think it's kind of norms for most of students to put more effort during the ending line of the journey, i.e. the ending of the semester,just to ensure we passed the exam with flying colors.

However,as we realized or not,our success does not rely on our effort.Of course my statement can be argued,but what can I say is,our effort is just around 30% out of 100% of our success.

The remains 70% belong to Allah.HE is the one who can decide our fate.There are lot of stories,rumors etc. about the people who still failed although he struggled to pass the exam.Or maybe you experienced it yourself.

Why not we pray to Allah to give us success and at the same time we put more effort to pass the exam.I think that's better.Only HIM can make us pass or fail.Never rely on our efforts to pass.

As what my schoolmates always said, jom jaga HDA!!(Hubungan Dengan Allah).

"O ye who believe! if ye will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly." Surah Muhammad:7


imran-md said...

Jagalah Allah,
Allah akan menjaga kamu =)

Buat apa yg Allah suka, Allah akan bagi apa yg kamu suka..-kejayaan

Jangan buat apa yg Allah tak suka, nanti Allah akan bagi apa yg kamu tak suka..-kegagalan

bunyi mcm nasihat utk bdk2 plak..

ukur kira said...

Betul tu ing.Ana setuju dgn ayat nta tu.

Tak kisah la nasihat tu bunyi mcm budak2 ke.Yg penting,nasihat..
Jazakallah ing.