Saturday, December 5, 2009

What happened to us?

One night,about few weeks before the semester break,I went to the college kiosk to buy some stuffs.While grabbing and enjoying 'shopping',I watched the TV which was located near the cashier.Few minutes later,the kiosk was suddenly crowded with people.Thus, I've been pushed away from the TV as people were queuing to pay for their stuffs.

After enjoying the shopping,I queued waiting for my turn to pay.Subhanallah,the line was so long as if I could finish eating a plate of noodle until my turn comes.

Suddenly,there was 1 guy (foreign student),going to the cashier and the conversation "between them" occurred.More or less like this:

Guy:Excuse me,can you help me?
Guy:Do you speak english?
Guy:I want to wash my cloth and need soap.Can you find it for me?
Guy:Excuse me,I want to do my laundry and need soap.Can you please at least show me where can I get the soap?

I was the last person in the line thus I hope those who were queuing next to the guy could help him if the cashier couldn't understand english.

However,everybody seems like nothing happened.Most of the people near to that guy were Malays and I thought they will give some help as what Malay culture were been taught.

Unfortunately,people were acting wired making that guy alienated in the civilized human world.

I pushed myself to cross the line and lend my hand to him.

Me:Excuse me,can I help you?
Guy:I'm looking for soap to wash my clothes.Can you show it to me where can I get it?
Me:Follow me.

We walked for few steps to the soap section....

Me:Here we are.Make your choice bro.Over there is the softener if you wish so.
Guy:Thank you bro.I'm sorry for burdening you.Today is my second day in Malaysia.I'm a new student here.
Me:It's ok.(Patut le muka x pernah nampak sblm ni)

After he made the payment,he again seeking apologize to the cashier and the people surround for burdening them.

I wondered why he was the one who supposed to say sorry?He done nothing wrong!
What happened to the people?Were they realized that, as a muslim we should help our brothers in need?

I'm a bit dissapointed with some of our brothers.Try to imagine and put yourself in their shoes.If you are new in a place and need help while others just ignoring your need,what did you feel?

I hope and pray this situation will never happen again.Hopefully I can benefits others in all conditions.Insya Allah.

Note1:Supposely the cashier is IIUM student.I'm sure he understand english otherwise he will not be the IIUM student.

Note2:I'm a bit shamed as most of the people surround were Malays at that particular time.Where is our slogan "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita"?

Let us take it as a lesson and try to overcome it.Wallahu'alam


mar said...

i got one sentence that i always use..
"biase la...da name pun meLAYU"

my mum use to said that,
"tu la...sbb die melayu, kalo islam lain"


ukur kira said...

you're right mar.Malay is not necessary a Muslim.However Malay is synonym with muslim.
If u're malay,in the mind of other people,you're also a muslim.

Normal people perception..

the point is,malay is malay.Not Muslim.totally different entity.

mar said...

yes that rite...
malay have to learn how to differentiate between race n religion...
sbb bile timbul soal masalah kaum, agama turut serta...