Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“Akhi, enta boleh..”

Praise to Allah the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to write a bit longer entry compared to some previous entry I’ve posted. Actually I was pretty busy for the past few weeks. Alhamdulillah, some of the stuffs had been settled.

Just to share my point of view on one topic which I think some of us are affiliated with it in their daily life. Don’t make me wrong, this entry doesn’t mean to ‘attack’ anybody, individually or groups.

“Akhi,enta boleh”..(Akhi,you can/Akhi, you can do it). Short words but it gives a big impact to me. I often received this sentence when it comes to giving responsibilities. I’m not so sure, upon what basis they’re naively choosing me to bear with the responsibilities. To encourage and beautify the responsibility, they will keep on saying, “Akhi, enta boleh. Ana tau enta mampu”. (Akhi, you can do it. I know you have the ability to bear with it.)

Excuse me! How many times we had eating together in “dulang”? How many times we spent time together for rehlah? Jaulah? Tamrin?. Two, three times? That’s ridiculous. You can’t even know the person, the strength of the person, his ability, his weaknesses etc. in just rarely meeting.

“Did you know that I couldn’t speak in front of the public?”

“Don’t worry akhi, I know you can.”

“Hello! I’ve been living for 22 years. Who knows better about me? Me or you? I know my strength, my weakness etc. because “THIS IS ME”.

“Akhi, this is the process for you. The field for you to polish your skills. As a Dai’e, we need to be all way rounded.”

“Yes, I know akhi. Again, I’ve tried to be such so, but I failed. I’ve been exposed to these since I was in secondary school. Truly, I’ve failed!

I realized and determined my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve tried to overcome the weakness but for sure, almost 10 years I couldn’t make it. Therefore, I’ve tried to strengthen my strengths and Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easier than overcoming the weaknesses. But then, people still didn’t realize it.

My question is, if I have to bear all of the responsibilities (if not all, the responsibilities which need/related to my weaknesses), where is the reality of your analogy of a house?

“We, work in a group as if we are a part from parts of the house. Some of us are the beam, some are the column and even some are the walls. Each and every element will support one another. Some of us can stand for hot and cold, thus he’ll be the external wall. Those with strong body will be the column etc. That’s how it works!”

But, seems like the analogy just became an irretional analogy.

If I’d been push to bear the responsibility within my weaknesses, it means I have to be the column, the beam, the wall etc without bother whether I’m competent and being able or not.

It’s true that some of us can be all rounded, but please, (begging tone) consider those who did not being blessed with those abilities.

Let us flash back the seerah of Rasulullah P.B.U.H. Why Rasullullah asked Ja’afar to lead the Muslims to hijrah to Habsyah? Why he didn’t pick other sahabah? Yes of course all of his actions were not from his desire. In fact, it was the revelation from Allah. But of course, it was indeed, based on the competency of that particular sahabah.

I don’t think Rasulullah just picked up any sahabah for any responsibilities. The sahabah was in the circle of the Prophet. They walk together, ‘musafir’ together etc. Thus, Rasulullah PBUH can determined their strengths and weaknesses. The Prophet PBUH knows whom were the most competent to bear the responsibilities.

If you think Da’wah is a serious agenda, then you will never pass the baton to incompetence person to bear with it.

In judging the competency of a person, need not upon the basis of no where. Don’t just keep on saying……………,

“Akhi, enta boleh. Ana tahu enta boleh.”


adkarika said...


Akhi, terasa hati ni bile bace post nta... kita boleh mengambil dr sirah Rasulullah dan para sahabat dimana apabila memilih pemimpin atau panglima perang atau sebagainya, mereka terlebih dahulu mengkaji akan kelebihan dan kekuatan seseorang calon dengan izin Allah. dengan cara itu membolehkan mereka mendapatkan kejayaan didunia mahupun diakhirat. Just berkongsi sedikit.. ana tau enta boleh menulis akhi, teruskanlah benda yg murni ini...jazakallah.

ukur kira said...

to adkarika:
ana tak tujukan pada sesiapa entry ni.Just perkongsian dari pandangan n rasa hati ana.Jika ada benarnya,maka ia dtg dari Allah.Smga bermanfaat.

Sometimes we need to change the mind setting and the taboo in the society.

Jgn asyik think positive atas sesuatu benda,tapi perlu juga think realistic.


*Insya Allah selagi Allah izinkan,ana akan teruskan menjadi mata pena yang tajam.

*Nta juga ada kelebihannya.Tak kurang dari aspek penulisannya juga.

Atiqah said...

hmm I agree with u..sometimes, people keep pushing us for such irrelevant responsibility that we know very well we couldnt take it..but then, there is a situation that I want u to consider: *hope u dont mind to discuss about this here*

1.if i refuse to take the responsibility, who is the right person to take the job? i dont wanna let the non-Muslim to control me all the time..because what I believed, Muslim should always be the leader..if other Muslim cannot take it, then I should take it..lack of knowledge and experience can be a problem to complete the task..but there is always a room to learn..from this situation, I learn to be a quick learner.

so what do u think? what will u do if u r trapped in this kind of situation?

imran-md said...

"depa" nih mmg bt nta tertekan...
baik nta mai ngaji agama kt Mesir..

he3...sori mrapu...

Apapun ana fhm situasi nta..
I'm not an outspoken person too..

ukur kira said...

to Atiqah:
Thanks for ur idea.

In Islam,there is no such refusing the responsibility given.Whenever u're appointed by the leader to carry any responsibility,then u have to bear with it at ur best.

For sure,Muslims should take a lead for any circumstances.

What I'm trying to focus in here is that,the appointment of a person to bear a responsibility which is actually in the scope of his weaknesses,within the circle of others whom are much more competent.
The appointment is just kind of "mengasah bakat yang tidak akan terasah."

You have to do Da'wah at ur best.When u're 'alone' in the society,you hav to bear with it.However,when u're in a group, THE LEADER should REALIZE and DETERMINE the strength of his people to carry out the responsibility.

The process of DETERMINING the strengths of his followers,the leader need to be close enough with them.Things need to be done together.e.g,Tamrin,Jaulah,Rehlah etc.(The wasail Tarbiyyah)

At the end,Insya Allah things will run smoothly as responsibilities are borne by the most qualify and competent person.

Wallahu'alam.Hope u can understand what is the point of this entry.

ukur kira said...

to Imran:
I'm not too stressed for that,Insya Allah.

Just to make people think.We were some kind trapped in the taboo of da'wah which I think need to be recheck.

Insya Allah I'll be there soon.If not Egypt,maybe some other countries in the middle east.

Ing,u know me better right.
Happily-lone ranger-guy.

Amin Misran said...

he has spoken, what is hidden...

ukur kira said...

to muhaimin:

I Just sharing my perspective on this issue.

And yet,I did hide some few things.No need to be 'all naked' post.

Anonymous said...


Benar. Ada benarnya juga pendapat enta.

Setiap seorang dari kita adalah umpama sekeping kertas yang punya sebuah lubang.

Apabila dikumpulkan kita-kita ini dalam sebuah pasukan, ibarat menyusun kertas-kertas putih bertindan-tindan antara satu sama lain dan akhirnya, lubang-lubang itu tidak kelihatan.

Lubang adalah umpama kelemahan kita sebagai individu. Apabila sudah bekerja dalam sebuah pasukan, kelemahan itu dapat ditutup oleh mereka yang lain, insyaAllah.

Ya, mungkin kita rasa kita tidak mampu.

Entahlah. Lain orang, lain caranya. Kalau ana, mungkin ana akan cuba ambil responsibility itu walaupun ana rasa di luar kemampuan ana.

Setiap orang melihat kita pada sudut yang berbeza. Mungkin dia dapat melihat potensi yang ada pada kita. Wallahu'alam.

Hanya secebis pendapat dari seorang hamba yang hina.

Atiqah said...

oh..i understand what u r trying to express in ths entry..maybe i havent been in ur situation before because there are quite a number of sahibah who can take charge and i'm always as the assistant..

all the best..may Allah helps u in anything u do

ukur kira said...

To Anonymous:
I love your analogy..

Really appreciate your point.

"Different people,different views"

To Atiqah:
Thanks.May Allah helps us

Aura Besi said...


betul terasa, kadang2 mengalaminya.. =) ada masanya, kita akan berada pada satu tahap yang mana kita terpaksa buat. tapi kita tu kita x mmpu nak buat.

boleh jadi perkara itu kamu suka tapi x baik bagi kamu. dan boleh jadi perkara itu kamu x suka n x baik bagimu.

bila yang bagi tggjwb adalah the respective person, kita patut terima. ada prkr y dia nmpk n kita xnmpak.

ikut teori JOHARI WINDOW. ada 4 quadrant dlm diri setiap kita, quadrant 1= kita n org lain tahu, quadrant 2=kita tak tahu n org lain tahu, quadrant 3=kita tahu n org lain x tahu n quadrant 4= kita n org lain xtahu.

moral= buka tingkap diri kita luas2, explore lagi kelebihan diri kita luas2. x salah fikir positif. kan?

ukur kira said...

to Aura besi:
thanks 4 ur comment.I agreed 4 some of ur points.

LuQMaN M.J said...

to agree or not..?

i'A there is still rooms for improvement for us to bear the current irrelevant responsibility. may be it is irrelevant at this time but it will not be in the future..

I do have those kind of problems and still try to make it as relevant responsibility to my self..

Melihat alam penuh indah,
terasa kerdil terasa lemah,
teruskan usaha d jalan dakwah,
walau penuh onak juga mehnah..

May ALLAH helps all of us :)