Saturday, April 25, 2009

Corporate Social Responsibility

This morning I went for a corporate service under my dad's company.(Tradewinds)
I'm not alone with my dad.My brothers also involved in this social service.

This service is actually organized by tradewinds as it is encouraged by the government.Yeah,although all companies are profit oriented,yet they have to contribute something to the people surround i.e. their customers or consumers to show their "responsibility".

An old folks house infront of my bro's school has been selected..
I joined under my dad'd department as the works been distributed according to departments available.e.g. engineering,QnA etc.

I just giving hands in installing new rubber Matt,cleaning the windows and cleaning the wall.

It's kind of pity for these old folks as their children left them without sympathy.Some of them already at the age of 100.

The program ended around 11.30a.m and we had our lunch together.
Over all,I got something from this program,met my dad's friends,and the most important thing, LOVE YOUR PARENT...

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