Saturday, December 12, 2009

Respect the civil society especially "The Veteran"

Location:Setapak,Kuala Lumpur..
Time:Office Hour

I'm waiting for the elevator to go to level 4 for working.I'm not alone while waiting for the lift.While waiting the lift to stop at our level,I saw one old man in the crowd of people,also waiting for the lift.

Me:Oh,what a pity.

As the door lift opened,we entered the lift..

Location:Inside lift at Office Building in Setapak..

Me:uish..someone is smoking inside the lift.huk huk..(silently.As if I'm mumbling to myself)

Old man:Sape merokok woi! (Who's smoking?!)

I didn't expect he will shout like that.

Everyone in the lift keep silent.Nobody admit.. .... ...

Suddenly the old man punching one young guy near the door lift.That young guy is holding a cigarette.

Old man:Kau merokok dalam lift ha?!! (you're smoking right?!)

As the lift stop at level 2,the young guy step out although he is actually wanted to go to level 4 as he is the one who pressed the level 4 button..

Before the door lift closed,

Old man:woi bloody hell!!!!

Every body is looking at him now.But the old man still cool.

Me:uii..bleh tahan jugak pak cik nih. (whispering..)

Note:Never under estimate people.When ever they angry,even unexpected thing can happen.
: As a Muslim, we should respect others.Besides,we have to control our temper.

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