Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ustaz Muzakkir n Raudah's wedding

We went to Shah Alam,attending ustaz Muzakkir's wedding ceremony.Congratulation to both of them.Wishing all the best and May your marriage blessed by Allah.

Nothing much to say...Let the pictures tell the story...

I'm waiting my sahabat (3rd from right/sneaking behind amad)..Bila nta pulak untuk berpakaian seperti ust Muzakkir?Jgn lupa jemput ana nanti ek..dont take it serious.Just kidding.

Bergambar bersama-sama ustaz

Lagi gambar bersama-sama dgn pengantin lelaki.

berbual-bual dengan ustaz before balik ke UIA

Note:Jazakumullah kepada,sahabat2 jalan kebun dan semua yg terlibat secara langsung or tak dalam menjayakan majlis ini(my words sound like I'm the tuan rumah..hehe)

Note2:Syukran to Ammar for invited us to ur house on the way balik ke UIA.Sesungguhnya landscape rumahmu cantik bangat!

Note3:my mind/memory still can't memorize the route to SMIK..hmm..


LuQMaN M.J said...

Alhamdulillah I got the chance to go to smik after so many years in KL. ^^

Allah pilih utk sampai ke sana ..

Nabil MJ said...

I went to smik for quite sometimes, but the route to reach there from uia seems too complicated for me.Still can't memorize..what a pity.

LuQMaN M.J said...

that means we have to go there more and more again and again. then we can remember the route,i'A