Friday, December 11, 2009

Waduh2..Enggak ada rokok di sini bro.!!

One day at the college kiosk...

Me: (queuing to pay)...

Suddenly,entered one guy,(new student,maybe.Never see him before).Seems like he is looking for something..After a while,he went to the cashier;

Guy:Bang,rokok mana?Ada jual rokok tak?

Cashier:Erk..sini mana ada jual rokok bro.

Guy:Oh..ok. (a bit blushing.malu kot silap tempat cari rokok dkt dalam campus)


Note:Budget2 la nak merokok pun.Cari rokok dkt kiosk mahallah.memang tak jumpa la..Aduh2..Buat lawak betolla budak2 ni..

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