Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ijlis bina nu'min saah

Alhamdulillah. Most of students from all universities in Malaysia had finished their final exams. After struggling for almost 2 weeks, at last, it has ended.

Now, here comes the next test for us which are the holidays. Either we spend it through the right way or vice versa. Some students may think that holiday or semester break is the time for enjoy before starting the new semester, because once started, there is no time for enjoy due to dozens of assignments etc.

Too bad, this ‘enjoy the holiday’ symptom had spread and infected those students who declared they are the Dai’e ilallah and Murobbi. (Those who work in the path of Allah).

Just thinking either we are really Dai’e or not? Personally, I don’t think so because a Dai’e, he has the clear idea of what he intended to do, together with the effects. Begin with the end in mind as said by Stephen covey in his book, The 7 habits of successful person.

Thus, as a person who intended to be a Dai’e, he will ensure his holiday been spent accordingly without putting a side the enjoyment. (Enjoyment with Islamic approach) How? Anything which is parallel with the Syari’ah, e.g. mukhayyam, tamrin, jaulah etc.

A Dai’e, he will bear in mind that everything he done will be counting by Allah regardless he is in holiday or not. As the consequences, he will strive to do anything which can increase his iman and contributing something to Islam.

As a matter of fact, many so called “Dai’e” forgot this thing. Nobody shall be blamed on this; however Dai’e should realize and try to make a change by self improvement. Renew intention and focus on the aim. Think about the purpose of Dai’e and Insya Allah we will succeed.

A Muslim scholar once said:

“The fed up/left behind in the middle of working on Allah’s path is due to incorrect starting point.”

Yes,The starting point/ nokhtah bidayah is very crucial to prevent Dai’e from lazy or futur in the middle of his Da’wah.

Insya Allah, we pray and try our best to fill the holiday with full capacity of Tarbawi’s programs. May Allah granted our du’a and put us in one line together with the Syuhada’. Ameen…


ing said...

Slm..Ma hia noktah bidayah?
Akhbirni ya habibi..Ana ma fi maklum..
(fushah ni bukan ammiyah)

ukur kira said...

Araftu ya habibi.katabta fi fushah laisat bi 'ammiyah lianni lam 'arif 'ammiyah walau bil kalimah.

Nokhtah bidayah hia titik permulaan sesuatu perkara yg kita buat.sbg contoh: Nta p belajar d mesir.Apakah titik permulaan yg mnyebabkn nta p mesir?Parent suruh?Sendiri nak pergi?
Cntohnya parent nta la yg suruh.Nta x dak intention lnsung nk g mesir buat medic.
So,apa akn terjadi?Nta akan rasa trtekan,malas sbb nta dipaksa.Akhirnya nta akan tersungkur di tgh2 jalan sbb titik prmulaan nta x betul.
So,kelancaran n kesinambungan sesuatu perkara ada kaitannya dgn titik prmulaan or nokhtah bidayah.
Wallahu'alam. Arju fahimta ma katabtu huna.(sori arab tungging langgang.x hebat)

ukur kira said...

to ing:ana hanya bg contoh mggunakan nta sbb nk bg faham skit.Tapi ana tau nta mmg nk g mesir buat medic.Nta mmg cemerlang.