Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Proud to be a Muslim?

Actually this thing is keep on wondering inside my mind. As I’m sitting alone, my inner voice will ask one simple question. As simple as ABC but need deep thinking and explanation from A to Z.

Am I proud to be a Muslim?
I had evaluating myself, and I found that I’m not that kind of person who really PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM. Maybe it’s easy to utter the statement or to declare you are a Muslim in “Islamic Environment” where Islam is not seen as an extreme religion.

For Instance, in IIUM campus etc. However, when you are in the environment where Islam been oppressed, or Islam is seen as a wired practices, are you really that brave and have courage to make such declaration? Personally, I can say that people will react with the environment. They will try as possible to be accepted by the society, thus some of them (including me sometimes) will behave like how the majority of the society behaved. We try to eliminate our identity as a Muslim by enjoining what the society has done.

I’m not saying that we, Muslim has to wear robe all the time together with the turban/imamah etc. The fact that a Muslim should be is he/ she has to be different from the rest of the society nowadays in terms of his dress, actions, speech etc. In other words, he should be the light in the darkness of night. People will easily see your different. / Tamayyuz.

You are the businessman

Once your heart love Islam as a truly Muslim should, you will start promoting Islam to others. You will fell pity with those who didn’t take Islam as a prescribing way of life. The eager to share the beauty of Islam will make your heart wanted to explode. Thus, you will try your best to promote Islam as a businessman who will strive his best to sell his product.

I’m reminding my self and all readers, if we are really a Muslim, we should behave like what had been guided by the Holy Qur’an and As Sunnah. The most important thing, don’t be good only for yourself, but try to spread the beauty of Islam to others. Muslim soleh wa Musleh. / Good Muslim and making good to others.
Don’t be the one who veiled Islam through yourself.


abdullah hakim said...

nice writing.thanks.
it is easy to be a Muslim,but not a Mukmin.
moga Tuhan sentiasa menunjukkan jalan,dan hidayahNya pd kita semua.amin.

ukur kira said...

to abdullah hakim:You're right.Insya Allah.Ameen