Saturday, May 9, 2009

Short semester..

I’m pretty busy for the past few days as the short semester just started. I need to settle a few things during the early days of the new semester.

Alhamdulillah I’m only taking one subject for this short sem and it seems I got some space for other activities as it was too buzy for me during last semester to join and participate in any program and activities.

Alhamdulillah, it was a good starting point for me as the first day I arrived in the campus, I received a message from one of my sahabat calling for voluntary service to stay and take a look for HALUAN PALESTINE booth at MARA building, near to SOGO hypermarket Kuala Lumpur. MARA had invited HALUAN PALESTINE to open a booth during the some kind of MARA open day. It was held for 4 days starting from 5th April. Alhamdulillah I met some of my sahabat during the days there.

Unfortunately, I was being able to stay there for only 1 day. Although I’m only took one subject this short sem which is Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life, the lecturer who teach me this subject wanted his students to submit two written assignments with maximum 3 pages per assignment every week. Besides, during his class, he will randomly pick any students to present on the particular topic. Thus, we have to prepare with all kind of research related to the syllabus at all time before entering his class, and one more thing, he like to provoke the students with killer questions during the presentation.

After finished the 1st class I felt so stressed as I’m not a good presenter especially when I’m not prepared (well, random selection). During his 1st class, I was keep on shivering and my stomach felt ill. Then, after thinking and make some consideration, I intended to drop the subject, although I’m still confused either to drop or not.

Wa makaru, Wamakarallah. Wallahu khairul makirin./ We planned, and Allah has planned. And Allah’s plan is the best for you.

At last I still didn’t drop the subject till the end of add and drop session. Maybe Allah wanted to give me something in this class. (Give me courage, maybe?)

Hopefully I can manage my time to balance between academic and activities.


ing said...

Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life?
Mcm best jer bunyinya...
If i were u, i would take d subject..
hehehe =)

ukur kira said...

mmg best.
tapi ana rasa mcm silap pilih lec ja.hehe..
Tp x pa.jadikan satu cabaran.
My classmates most of them are laws students.
English diaorg...Pergh..Subhanallah.
inferiority complex.

eSafarEE said...

kalau method mcm tu.mcm ku kenal siapa lecturernye..

ukur kira said...

to eSafarEE:Siapa agak2 nya?