Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your part as a Muslim

Just a short reminder. I would like to quote 1 statement where my sahabat always keep on reminding us during Halaqah.

“Play your part as a Muslim and Dai’e.” Simple right? We have to realize that we are a part from parts of Islam. We are the complement of each others.

Te analogy is simple. Imagine the structures of a building. There are several elements for the building to stand i.e. columns, beams, wall, slab, roof structures etc. Imagine one of the elements is not there. For example, the columns. Can the building stand without it? Thus, every single parts of the building play their role differently just to ensure the building didn’t collapse.

It same goes with us as Muslims. Not everybody has the ability to give speech in front of the public, or to give ideas spontaneously etc. However, that is not an excuse for not doing the role as a Dai’e. Everyone knew his/ her own ability and strength. Then, once you had determined your strength, you should develop the strength and contribute it to Islam. For instance, if you have no ability to speak in front of public to give tazkirah etc. however you have the skills of writing, then you can go forward with your strength. You are a complement of your brothers.


If we realize the rewards granted by Allah for doing our part as a Muslim and Dai’e, then we will not looking for any excuses for not doing it. Out aim is not this fake world but our destiny is the life in the hereafter.

“This path maybe difficult, but the final destination is certain.”


mhuno said...

This task may be difficult, but the ending is certain,..allahuakbar sungguh menyentuh

ukur kira said...

Allahu Akbar!!

insan hina said...

difficult to be implemented,
But it is so easy to say...
(I m not taking to ukurkira or anybody But to myself)