Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The story of 11th May 2009

This morning, my routine cycled as usual. Nothing new things happened; no miracle, no fancy rainbow with little birds flying around, as pictured in fairy tales stories.

Around 11.00a.m, I walked downstairs together with my DELL Inspiron 1501, looking for good internet signal. I googled some notes for extra readings related to my subject this semester i.e. Ethics and Fiqh for everyday life.

After lunch and zohor prayer, I started doing my assignment. Phew.. Quite tired. Not physically, but mentally stressed. Alhamdulillah I got friend to talk with and release my stress for a while. I chatted with my roommate, Izzat Rosli.

That ‘Asar, at Musolla, I met my arab’s friend, Yasin. He told me he’s going to the Turkish house this week. He will be teaching Arabic to the Turkish and in return, they will teach him Turkish language. I’m really interested to join, however due to some circumstances, I have to put a side my intention for a while.

While chatting with Yasin, suddenly, out of no where came one guy. I taught he got the wrong persons, but my doubt gone as Yasin told me that the guy is his friend. Oh… I’ve been introduced by Yasin to that guy. As Yasin left, I started chatting with that guy. I taught he is a local Chinese as I met other Chinese here. Can you guess where he’s from? Huhuhu… He is a Korean. Alhamdulillah I’m adding new foreign’s friends into my list.

He’s still in English course in IIUM, and yet still didn’t join the faculty. Surprisingly, he told me that he’s going to study in Landscape Architecture. If that the case, Insha Allah, we will be in the same faculty but in difference department.

”The believers are but a single Brotherhood: so make peace and reconciliation between your two (contending) brothers; and fear Allah, that ye may receive mercy.” (Al Hujuraat: 10)

I took his phone number and I gave mine as if he needs any help from me. Looking forward to speak Korea for the time’s coming. No need subtitles while watching Korean dramas.hehehe..

That night, I got meeting on KAED Fest, (Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design Fiesta) which is our annual Faculty program. As usual, I’ve been in welfare unit. (Same as last KAED fest). We were discussed on the job scopes, the events which will be held etc. At the same time, we were having nomination, filling the vacancy for some other main board positions. Unfortunately I’ve been selected with majority for Assistant Secretary. Insha Allah I’ll try to do the best although I refused to be. Arghh..

During the meeting, I received a message from my sahabat. He invited me to attend a seminar related to HALUAN Siswa (an NGO for university students. It is under HALUAN Malaysia) which will be held this weekend at Kelantan. He needs my confirmation on my attendance as soon as possible. Insha Allah I’ll confirm it in couple of days.

Besides, my lecturer was looking for help from my batch to participate as judges/ committees for the team building games for the juniors who currently taking Multi disciplinary project subject this semester.

Insha Allah I’ll try to give my fully commitment for both programs.. Allahumma yassir, wa la tu’assir.


mhuno said...

anehasayo!!see there, i speak korean

ukur kira said...

to mhuno:.....I didn't speak Korean yet.