Thursday, July 29, 2010

Language Barrier


Sometimes I'm facing difficulties to make friends with the International students here.I mean the new students.Most of the new students couldn't speak english very well and even cannot at all.

I like to make friends with them.Observing and learning their language,culture etc.Actually,we can see the Great of Allah The Almighty's Power where HE created us with different tribes with thousands of languages and slang.

It is actually a value added for someone who is mastering in languages.I heard before that someone told me that it is a kind of wasting time learning language as it would not help you in finding your job.Learning language is not really a critical field compared to Medicine,engineering etc.
Personally,those who can speaks more than 3 languages creates a 'wow' effect on me.Salute!

I want to figure out why I'm not really like the rest of my Malay's friends.It put a big question mark on my head.Even,my foreign's friends asking the same question.
"Why you are not like the rest of the Malays?"
"What did you mean?"

I just realized that I can easily mix up with them.When ever I went to the cafeteria,I will take my seat around my foreign friends rather than seating with Malays.Alhamdulillah,it is a gift I guessed?

One of my Arab friend once said,I'm not a pure Malay.The truth is,he's right.I'm not pure Malay.I have the Arab blood.My mom's ancestors were coming from Yamen and Persia.I think that is why I'm really attached to my tribes..hehehe

Unfortunately,It's an embarrassment that I cannot speak Arabic very well.What kind of 'Arab' if he cannot speak Arabic?I admit that I did scored in my SPM (A2)for my Arabic,but you know how the system was right?It's an exam oriented.Learning nahu,balaghah etc.just to tackle the questions.It really works for the exam but failed to make me survive.

I think,it is crucial for a Dai'e to learn other languages.(it is just my view).I've met one guy (he is a good friend of mine)who can speaks five languages i.e. Malay,English,Arabic,Mandarin,Turkish and he is planning to add few more.He is using his specialities to make friends with all people and at the same time conveying the words of Allah.

Yesterday I was asked by an Indonesian uncle at the cafe to translate for him.I used to buy foods from that uncle,thus he is kind of aware of my present and 'kindness'(perasan).He asked me to speak English with one of his customer as that uncle cannot help himself to do so.Unfortunately,the customer couldn't speak English.He speaks Thai and Arabic.I was afraid that the guy fainted if I speak Arabic with him.It will be a big disaster if I'm speaking Arabic.

Alhamdulillah,one of his friend came over and he can speaks Malay a little bit.I just feel like I'm a failure.Couldn't help people in need.hmm....How if I was at that guy's place.Being in a foreign country.Having a language barrier.Phew,it must be really a big problem especially when you need someone to show you where is the rest room.(or else you will 'do your job' in your trousers)

I've came across many situations where I was having my conversation more or less like a chicken is talking to a duck.More signals than words.Why?Because of Language barrier.Then people will ask me,"Then,why you get near to him if you have language problems?"Don't make any contact with the foreigners if you think you have the problem with your language...

Why I'm still keep on making friend with them?Because I'm an Arab.hehe (kidding.but it is true,but I'm still a malay).- Bukankah motto HALUAN,Berakhalq,mendidik dan BERBAKTI?;So I would not discriminate people whom I wanted to BERBAKTI just because of my own bad i.e language barrier.Even Islam,teaches us to be a good Muslims,and help each others.


*Got to go.Ada tutorial Advanced Post Contract Admin for QS..I'll be telling other stories insha Allah.Please pray for me.


Amin Misran said...

The reason why you're not MALAY is becoz you're MUSLIM..

how come u scored A2 in arabic?
U know, i got a D in arabic...huhu
My trial was A2...

ukur kira said...

to Amin:
There is a different between race and religion.I'm a Malay n I'm a Muslim.

You know why I scored A2?Because I deserved that..hehe(bukan ayat bongkak).Even I scored A1 for my trial exam..Hehe..Allah izin la akhi..nta lg power..graduate khassah.

Anonymous said...


wow, got score a2 arabic in spm... i thnk, u can speak arabic well...

coz, i only got b4 arabic in spm... even Egyptian also can understand what i had spoken...

now i studying in egypt, even u r in language barrier, nver ever gv to make it better for tomorow...

1st day i'm in egypt... mostly, i used body language to communicate with them... and now, i can make up it better...

robbuna yusahil...

ukur kira said...

To anonymous:

Nothing to 'wow'on pal.You really know how the education system in Malaysia works right?Exam oriented.You passed the exam with flying colours but at the end,you couldn't survive.

I think your perception's was wrong.It is a massive disaster if I'm speaking Arabic.But Insha Allah,I'll try..Qalil-qalil soro jabal.(sikit2 lama2 naik bukit.Betulkah?)

Great!You have the opportunity to study in Egypt.I bet ur arabic is much more better from the olden days.
All the best.

Please do pray for me..Tq

Atiqah said...

glad to be a language student and were able to learn new language..too bad, its too difficult to practice it..

ukur kira said...

to Atiqah:

U're lucky (the chosen one)because u're a language student.

Insya Allah u'll be using it all the time as u're continuing ur study aboard.

Anonymous said...

or else you will 'do your job' in your trousers...

What do u mean?


ukur kira said...

U did know what I mean right?

Why u said Astaghfirullahalazim?

That statement didn't using any 'F' or 'A' words.

It's a sunnatullah to have the feeling to 'pee'..Is there any problem for someone to pee?

Don't tell me that u never 'pee'ing before because when u pee it is kindda 'Astaghfirullahalazim'.

ing said...

Anonymous ni sape ek?
Saya ngaji d Mesir jgk..
Univ Zagazig Thn 2
(Thn 3 bln 10 ni insya'Allah)..
Nama Ahmad Imran...

Anonymous ni namanya siapa?
Univ mana?

4 yr info:
saudara ukurkira ni seorg yg juruh (baik)..

ukur kira said...

@ ing:

Aa..Anonymous ni siapa?Kalau dia tak intro diri jugak mmg hati kering.(hehe.sori ek 4 using the term)Susah2 nta dah bg tau nama nta dll.

FYI,ukurkira ni bukan juruh,tp lurus, a.k.a lurus bendul.Ing ni lagi juruh.
Tapi Anonymous ni lagi juruh la..Ana respect sama Anonymous..