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Alhamdulillah praise to The Almighty Allah for giving me the opportunity to sit for a while and jot down something in my ‘left over’ blog. Yeah, it seems that I wasn’t updating my blog for a quite sometime. Pretty wired eh? Some people calling me ‘si blogger tegar’ but it didn’t reflect as what it should.

Gambar ini diambil dari Blog Adam Kadir.
Sebulan I haven't updated.

Hmm..Where to start? Too many things to tell I guess.Ok, fine.Let this entry be a short one. Still in gear 1 and the momentum is still slow.

11 Jun yang lalu mencukupkan saya 1 tahun kehilangan sahabat yang dicintai,Muhammad ‘Ammar. Walaupun beliau tiada di sisi saya, namun ruh kekuatannya masih terasa. Selalunya waktu-waktu saya down, beliau akan call dari Mesir untuk push me up. Terasa bagai baru semalam berbual-bual bersamanya.’Ammar dah pulang bertemu Rabbul Jalil. Sudah bersediakah kita? Sejauh mana kita sudah mengorbankan jiwa raga kita untuk meraih Redha Allah? Tepuk dada, Tanya iman.

Ok,I think it is still not too late to wish a happy coming back to the university to all my fellow friends. Those who weren’t taking the short semester were in a holy great holiday I guessed. Time for the honeymoon will come later on guys; after finishing our studies. Heat up the engine, ready to absorb and digest the new subjects. Perhaps the previous practical training would helps us a lot in understanding the subjects.

One of my roommates is doing his practical training at Gurun, Kedah (Modenas) this semester. He is a good friend of mine. We used to do things together. (makan, riadhah, pi ijtima’am, halaqah etc.). I’m now lone ranger. Oh yes, he went to Australia for a vacation with his family last semester break and guess what, he bought me a nice t-shirt. In return, I just gave him a Palestine t-shirt which I’d bought from my friend.

Few days ago, a girl (my classmate) popped out her words to me which I guessed I’ve come to the answer on why I wasn’t social enough compared to the rest of my friends. “I’m having a too serious facial expression all the time.” Lol
I just realized that I’m having difficulties when it comes to smile. (while standing infront of the mirror and keep on practicing smiling).. Aargh..what a wreck!

My beloved teacher, Sir Yahya passed away months ago in Sa’udi and he was buried there. He was really a great teacher/ murobbi.

And not to forget, my junior from MATRI, saudari Nurul Jannah Ahmad Sani who’d passed away due to an unexpected accident. May Allah bless her.
(Sama-sama kita ambil pengajaran dari kematian)

Kecewa… why? It’s not because of love for sure. Few days ago I was walking in the campus and was stopped by a booth near the ITD foyer. It was a registration booth for learning foreign languages. So, I picked up a pamphlet where it lists the languages offered and I’m eager to learn Turkish. There are so many languages offered including Russia,Mandarin etc.

Unfortunately, due to ‘nobody’ wanted to learn Turkish except me, the language in not being offered this semester. And it was a jerk when the guy who was in charge at the booth keeps on insisting me to take Korean / Japanese/ French instead of Turkish. He said that most of Malays registered for Korean and Japanese. Ops, sorry. I’m not a guy who loves those Korean/ Japanese drama. Am I made myself clear?

He even said that learning Turkish is useless. No benefits at all. What on earth! Alhamdulillah masih boleh bersabar. I just left the booth with disappointment.

I heard some of my sahabat just have their engagement at my age. – too young for me. Lol

My friend from Kenya (he is a PhD student) just married few weeks ago. Congratulation bro. He is a great guy to be friend with. I used to ‘lepak-lepak’ at his room when he was doing his Master here. It was really a good thing when you can have a discussion with people who are much more ‘matured in thinking’. He used to give me lot of advises + he was my Arabic teacher.

Another friend of mine from Jeddah (originally he was from Yamen)keeps on asking me ‘When are you getting married?’, have you found ‘the girl’? Hehehe.. Oh, he is doing his master in my Faculty. He is an architect actually, and he was involved in the enlargement of the Masjidil haram project previously. (of course working with the Bin Laden Company). He suggested me to gain experience overseas by following him working aboard. – undecided yet…

Convocation will be around this coming October. My Architecture’s friends will be receiving their scroll then. Just rang them few days ago. Some of them already working in Architect’s firm. Some of them being the modeler. Making 3D models via sophisticated software etc.

The good news is, they said that they will ‘belanja’ me makan-makan. Hehehe. We haven’t hang out together for a long time and I’m waiting for this moment. Kepada kawan- kawanku yang dah kaya- raya,jangan lupa kawanmu ini.

Maybe that’s all for now. Didn’t I mention it would be a short post this time? Many stories in one post. To tell the truth, one of my sahabat asked me to update my blog ‘yang sudah bersawang and berhabuk ni’. So, this post is kind of ‘meraikan hajat/ permintaan’ sahabat tersebut.
I should write something more serious next time, Insha Allah.

Journalism Club IIUM will be organizing a forum on LL4G; have we ended the siege?
Details of the program:
Date : 26 July 2010 (Monday)
Time: 8.00 pm – 11.30 pm
Venue : Main Auditorium IIUM Gombak
Speakers : Noorazman Shamsuddin & Dr. Syed Haleem
All are invited. Also open to the outsiders. No entrance fees.

1. I’m planning to spend my weekend at my Turkish friends’ house.
2. Pretty tough this semester. Ya Allah permudahkanlah.

3. Ing, I'm waiting for your 'kepulangan'..


ing wants 2 c u said...


Result mgkin kluar esok...
hrp2 lulus smua n dpt pulang ke Malaysia dgn slamat 26 hb ni...

Amin ya Rabb..

*Looking forward to seeing u too =)

Atiqah said...

welcome back...

looking forward to read ur entries..

ukur kira said...
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Ad@Am said...

thanks nabil tunaikan hajat ana...
rindu kat anta sebenornye..bile nk jumpe ek? SKEMA nnt xleh nk jumpe sbb ana ade MODUL UITM haritu..prgm wajib UITM..

inshaAllah, klu ditakdirkan kita akan jumpe k.

ukur kira said...

to ing:
Amin Ya Robb.
meet u soon,Insha Allah

To atiqah:
Thanks for spending ur time reading my unbeneficial blog.

ukur kira said...

to adam:
most welcome.
Rindu pd nta juga.SKEMA?Hmm..Insya Allah ada masa n peluang kita jmpa bila2.