Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please Skip this post..Thank you.


Another not serious post.Just mentioning at the beginning of this post so that those who are really looking for something SERIOUS can skip this post.Or else, just wasting your precious time scrolling, and at the end gives you nothing.I've warned you.Don't blame me later on, ok?.

Sorry for using this word.I'm not suppose to use it because it reflects my daily words.But trust me,I'm seldom using the word POYO.I've met some new students here,inside the campus.The moment we shake hands,the first question they've asked me was "1st year student?"
So,with POYO nya,I replied,oh no no.Final year student.Then they said,"Really?You look younger than your age."
I said,"Oh well,I'm still young and my age just suit perfectly with my level of study."

You know what,I wondered why people keep on saying I'm 1st year student?Perhaps due to my height.(but for sure,most of the students know I'm in my 4th year;Famouskah aku?)- True story:I went to AIKOL (Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law) last week and I met a guy (of course Law student).He 'hello' me and said:"Jauh datang.Dari KAED kan?Sekarang final year 1st sem kan?"
Ehem2..Since when I've been so famous until LAW student know me?-POYO

Ok finished the POYO story.

During the first Research Method class,each and every single of us need to say it loud to the whole class (Lecture theatre)on our research topic which we will be doing this semester and next semester (dissertation). Spontaneously, I just shout from the back, (I was at the 2nd last row.I used to sit the most front but I came late that day) I planned to do my research on contract.Hahaha.I never know from where I have the idea to say that.But that's not a big deal.I can change it later.Cepat2 buat decision NJ!

Next story,
We (me + some of my friends)will be presenting a topic for next Principles of Measurement for Civil Engineering Works.Some of us 'voluntarily'looking for excuse not to present.Reason:shy,not confident,english not so good etc.
Suddenly,1 of my friend who remains silent from the beginning of our discussion said:
"Weh,cammon la.Dah final year kot.Tak kan dok takut nak present lagi?!" hahaha..Just realized we are in our final year.(sebelum ni perasan 1st year)

Ni gossip apa pulak ni?
I went out from a photocopy centre and saw a group of sisters (my classmates)chatting among them.Suddenly one of them menjerit (tapi tak kuat sangat la.Jarak tu dalam 7meter)

"Weh Nabil,kau nak pi Jepun ke?"
"Ha?siapa kata?biala masa pulak?"
"Kan Prof nak pi conference kat Jepun next month"
"Kot2 la dia ada ajak kau."

Hahaha.Kiamat kot kalau Prof nak ajak aku pi Jepun.Entah ape2 la bebudak ni bergosipan tentang diriku ini.- but I DON'T CARE.I have my own business to settle.

Till then,Wassalam.

1)Ya Allah bagilah ilham untuk pilih tajuk untuk research ni..isk3..
2)Post ni just to release a part of burdens I've been holding all the time.Allah lah tempat mengadu segala-galanya..


MuNsYi SaMa said...

xpe2. nta byk buat keje. kena release tension gak. ape kate updatekn blog ana plak?hehe

ukur kira said...

to Shu'bah:

I guessed you have plenty of time the moment you drop at this post.Spending your time reading my %&*$# post.hehe

Ana banyak buat kerja?Anta salah orang kot.Updatekan blog anta?Blog JC pun ana tak updatekan walaupun telah diamanahkan.Huhu..teruk betul.

Life is sooooo complicated!Jom Mati..

Syahidah Roslam said...

salam bro,
I thaught QS degree in UiA was like 3years just like UM..fewh, 4 years.. U guys must gain a lot..We just in third year n just really understanding bout the tendering stage project..:P
And like u guys, we have to submit thesis title reaserch by next week. It's quite frustrating. U want to do contract? On PWD/PAM/etc?

ukur kira said...

to Syahidah Roslam:

W/salam sis.
1st of all,just wanted to congratulate you for reading this post although the title just kindda 'avoiding'people to read.

Yup,4 years.Gaining a lot of things is another part of story.Depends on the student him/herself.

Must bear in mind that QS works are broad.It didn't specific to preparing the tender doc and the stages involved.Yeah,that part is our bread n butter,but we need more than that.

Here in IIUM,as we are moving to the 3rd n 4th year,we are trained to manage the contract.If this happen,what to do and etc.

Actually what I've planned to do is not really a contract.Just trying to do something more 'mencabar'+ interesting.Maybe a Dissertation related to Syari'ah Compliance In ADR (Alternative Disputes Resolution).Sounds great + We are looking from the Islamic point of views.


All the best sis.Hope everything just going fine.May Allah helps us.