Monday, May 31, 2010

Zionist Israel Laknatullah !!!

No words to describe..
Each and every single bad words in the dictionary belong to the Zionist Israel.

Their satanic act are revealed.Killing the civilians though the white flag waving clearly right infront of their eyes.

Behind the screen,the US Government MUST be blamed for all of these things happened.They are defending/supporting the real terrorist and barbarian and at the same time pretending to clear off the world terrorism.Huh,what a crap!!

People are not stupid and the drama they made cannot simply veil their horrible act.

Let us pray to Allah and try to do something to help our brothers and sisters in the convoy generally,and specifically to them in the Holy Land of Palestine.

“Dan orang-orang yang kafir, setengahnya menjadi penyokong dan pembela bagi setengahnya yang lain. Jika kamu (wahai umat Islam) tidak menjalankan (dasar bantu-membantu sesama sendiri yang diperintahkan oleh Allah) itu, nescaya akan berlakulah fitnah (kekacauan) di muka bumi dan kerosakan yang besar.” Surah Al-Anfal ayat 73.

Note 1: Please follow the current situation from here:

and few other webs. e.g. AlJazeera,Press TV

Ya Allah,Laknatkanlah Zionist Israel !!!

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Atiqah said...


Ya Allah my heart stop beating, my hand stop working the moment I saw the sms about this news..Ya Allah ya Allah please help them.