Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Sorry for not updating my blog for quite sometimes.Pretty busy lately.

Alhamdulillah the Palestine Mass Gathering which was held on last May 8th at Melawati Stadium, Shah Alam went pretty well although a bit messed up.

"Thank You" to my sahabat, Mohd Hafiz Zainol Abidin for nominating me to be one of the leader for usherer team. (lepas ni ana malas dok dekat-dekat dengan nta)..And a bunch of thank to my sahabat,Ar-Rashid for nominating Hafiz to be the leader too.(Mengkhianati orang akan dibalas semula..hehe)

No need for me to elaborate the shortcomings during this event but for sure,it was a great and a memorable experience for me to work and collaborate with numerous of NGOs.Alhamdulillah I've met new friends from KARISMA-JIM whom are very committed with their works and responsibilities.

Alhamdulillah I've been given by Allah the opportunity to meet Pak Cik Zulkifli Ismail,father of my beloved sahabat, Allahyarham Muhammad 'Ammar on that day.As we were shaking hands and hugging,I felt like as if he was 'Ammar. (also met Ikhwan,brother of Allahyarham 'Ammar).

Apart from that,I've met Cikgu Sharifah. I thought she was kindda forgot my name but I was wrong as she called my name correctly.Besides,I've met Pak cik Rosdi etc.

I also met my lecturers.

Lecturers: Sorang je ke?
NJ : Aa..sorang je.
Lecturers: Oh.Ni kira wakil QUEST la ek?.Bagus-bagus.
NJ : .....

I couldn't focus too much on the event as I was the runner and need to ensure that the brother's committees (usherers)were all OK.

Hopefully,what we've done will be accounted by Allah as 'Amal soleh.It is a waste if every drop of our sweat was not help us weighing the mizan of 'amal soleh.

Note 1:Sorry to my big bro as I could't help much during the event.

Note 2:To adam kadir,sorry for not informing you when I was about to leave the stadium.

Note 3:QUEST is our department student society.It is stand for Quantity Surveying Student Society,QUEST.

Note 4:Please pray for my "BIG PLAN"