Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Palestina Tercinta. We will always be with you!

Last Wednesday,I've received a call from the headquarter (from my ummi) in Kedah,asking me and my big brother to return home as soon as possible.Actually, I've told her that I'm planning to go home on Saturday,but she insisted me to depart from KL tomorrow,which was last Thursday.

Thus,after made a small planning with my Bang Chaq (my big bro),we decided to drive from KL on Thursday evening i.e. after Zohor. Actually we have been assigned for a job by our beloved ummi who is currently staying at home with abah as all of their children are in other places.

Alhamdulillah,on the 1st May 2010, i.e. Labour Day,the quarters of GPTSB (the company where my dad working with) had organized a Family Day and both my mom and dad managed to booked a booth which is to be used for Palestine Exhibition.Thus,our main purpose of returning home was to help them as only both,my mom and dad was in charge with it.Alhamdulillah,Bang Teh (my brother)managed to returned home either.

This exhibition was to create awareness among the 'kampung' society on the issue of Palestine.I don't want to under estimate the 'orang-orang kampung' as I'm a part of them,but no doubt,they were seem to have lack of general knowledge especially on the current issue i.e. Palestine.I could say that their level of ignorance is a bit higher compared to the 'orang bandar'.

Alhamdulillah our booth was crowded with people.There were other booths i.e. from the Ministry of Health,Fire Department etc.

Apart from the Palastine Exhibition,we were also selling Palestine stuffs e.g. muffler,stickers etc.

Hopefully,our small contribution will be accounted by Allah as 'Amal soleh.

Here are some of the pictures:

Bang Teh :Banner preparation

Preparation Exhibition boards : NJ,abah and Ummi

Tengah menjual:NJ,Bang Chaq and Ummi

Suasana Pameran.

Ummi melayan pengunjung

Keadaan booth dari luar

Kanak-kanak ini juga bersemangat!! (beliau merupakan P.A kami menjaga booth.hehe)

Note1:There were also an exhibition on superbikes.A group of superbikers consists of approximately 10 bikes were there.As a superbike lover,I couldn't managed to be with them as I got other responsibility to be carried on.Isk3..Sedih skit..(at least dapat ber'posing'dgn superbikes pun jadila)

Note2:Alhamdulillah Tayangan video berjaya mencurik perhatian para pengunjung.

Note3:Now I'm in KL.Just few days after the program,we departed to KL.isk3..tak sempat nak menghirup udara kampung.Muhaimin is asking me to help with the Perhimpunan Perdana Palestin this coming 8th May.Jom datang beramai-ramai!!


Atiqah said...

will be there insyaAllah to support our mission

ukur kira said...

to atiqah:
Insya Allah..

ing said...

baitud dakwah...
ada baitud dakwah d Kuala Nerang...
Nabil pewarisnya...

ukur kira said...

to ing:
erk?lain mcm ja bunyi nya..

Insya Allah..

Pss..ana lmbt lg la nk walimah.calon pn x,pewarisnya maybe abg ana.hehe

LuQMaN M.J said...

pewarisnya adalah bang teh :D
not me...