Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memberilah selagi termampu


Yesterday I received an SMS from my friend/junior who is in the same department with me,asking a question related to 'Post-contract administration for QS'subject.

Him: NJ,What should a contractor do after he received possession of site.Is there anything he need to do before commencing any works?

NJ: The contractor need to submit all the insurances i.e the 3 main insurances + SOCSO.Apart from that,he need to submit the Performance Bond (PB).But if let say he couldn't submit the PB due to the time constrain or the contractor is having 'insufficient amount of money' at that moment,or anything else which is acceptable he may opt for PB in the form of Performance Guarantee Sum.I think that it and I'm referring the answer according to PWD (Public Work Department)form of contract 203A revised 83.I think it is more or less the same if you're referring to PAM (Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia)form of contract.I'll explain further if you need it.Wallahu'alam.

I hope the answers given are right.It just popped out from my mind.I couldn't remember the clause as my form of contract,I left it at the University.(my friend is having his short sem right now).In fact,that subject was taken during few semesters back. (it is not an excuse to let it over as it is a pre-requisite subjects and next semester i.e. 4th year 1st sem I'll be studying Advance Post-Contract for QS.The final one.Phew..)

Went to MATRI

Yesterday I went to MATRI to visit my youngest brother.MATRI is in Exam Week right now.Those in form 5,two papers left i.e Math and Add Math while form 1 just finished 3 papers.6 papers to go.

At the same time,I met my cousin who is in form 5.

NJ:How was the exam?
C:Abg Nabil,time cuti sekolah bulan 6 ni abg nabil dok cuti lagi ka?
NJ:Insya Allah.Awat?
C:Ingat nak mintak tolong ajar Bahasa Arab.
NJ:Erk?(tiba-tiba rasa seperti seketul batu besar menghempap badan)
NJ:Insya Allah.Nanti abg Nabil korek-korek balik kitab-kitab form 4&5 dulu.Khazanah lama tu nak kena revise dulu sebelum boleh ajar/share.

Actually I'm still in love with Arabic and I still keep all of my books since form 1 up to form 5.


As a human being and servant to Allah,it is our duty to help others in need.After all,it is one of the method or approach to convey Islam to others.

If Allah can gives us nikmah for free instead of we have to pay for it,why not we give our 'kelebihan'to serve the people?

"Yang penting,memberilah/serahlah diri kita pada Allah,Rabb segala Alam.Patuhi suruhanNya dan Jauhi/Tinggal LaranganNya.Acaplkali kita terlepas pandang tentang hubungan kita dengan Allah.Kita lebih banyak membantu manusia,berterima kasih dengan manusia tetapi kita lupa untuk membantu diri kita.Lupa untuk meningkatkan kualiti hubungan diri kita dengan Allah.Kurangnya bangun malam,kurangnya merintih pada Nya malah kita kurang atau mungkin lupa untuk berterima kasih pada Allah dengan segala nikmat yang telah diberikan.Kita lengahkan solat dan lain-lain."

Sama-sama kita muhasabah,pertingkatkan taqwa kita.

Note 1:Doakan saudara-saudara kita,LL4 Gaza untuk berjaya tiba di perairan di Gaza dengan selamat.

Note 2:I keep on shivering and 'dup-dap dup-dap' when updating with the current situation of LL4G via twitter as if I'm there facing the Zionist Israel.

Note 3:Wishing all the best to my sahabats,friends in Misr (medic,deeniyah etc.)for the final exam which will be starting soon.Allah mungkin tidak memudahkan,tapi yakinlah Allah sentiasa berada bersama kita.Mohonlah padaNYA.

Note 4:Target 1 week 1 book to be read cover to cover.



Atiqah said...


1 week 1 book...the more the better..

speaking about helping others, should we help them when we (in this case myself) are not confident enough of the knowledge and experience that we have??

what do u think ukur kira?

miss Matri so's teacher Bashimah? did u get the chance to see her?

MuNsYi SaMa said...

Ok. I left Arabic after exempted the APT last time. Still need to revise it. How about you share it with us here nabil? and the title can be 'Lets Learn arabic with Ukur kira'. Perhaps we can learn together.

atiqah: confidence can be build right. It is a matter of how you view it in your mind. Be positive. =)

Atiqah said...

to Munsyisama
a good idea, 'Lets learn Arabic with Ukur Kira'..i would like to read that too..

hmm..if u said so, then i should try myself. perhaps, i am too is not a matter of confidence or is just about i'm too afraid to try. if i am brave enough to work in a petroleum company handling business matters, why shouldn't i try to be a private tutor?? but the subjects are Maths and Science..I am not good at both subjects during school. so how?

ukur kira said...

to atiqah:

1 week 1 book.hopefully tercapai aim tersebut.

Setuju dengan Shu'bah.Confidence can be built.It depends on the individual itself.Ada yang sekejap sahaja nak build confidence.You know yourself better.

But the fact that you're not so good in Math n Science (as u said)is not the matter of confidence or not.It is the matter of u 'menguasai'the subjects.

If I were you,and I've been asked to teach subjects that I'm poor in it,personally,I should refuse.I don't want to spoil 'anak orang',teaching 'ajaran sesat'.

But if u're really good in that particular subject but u have no confidence,don't worry.You better try.

*Boleh je kalau tak 'master'subject tu and nak diajarkan kepada orang lain.Ajar je apa yang kita tahu.At least u give something.

*I didn't manage to meet Mdm Bashimah.Yesterday was holiday (Wesak).Nobody was around except the students n few staffs n teachers

Wallhu'alam. (tiada paksaan dalam mengajar)

ukur kira said...

to Shu'bah:

Subhanallah.Wow..Your Arabic is not bad if u can exempted the APT.

Erk?Lets learn Arabic with ukur kira?Sounds good for readers but it's difficult for me.I'll think about that.Maybe just the basic rules or basic Nahu,balaghah.

*Akan dipertimbangkan kelak,Insya Allah. =)

Syahidah Roslam said...

I just get the exam result last 3 days,D+ for my construction law.It really relly hurt me because I've never even get grade C before.I never been good in law subject.Its more confusing in construction law.What helps you remembering such clauses?Sometimes,i feel like giving up in taking qs degree.

ukur kira said...

to syahidah:


Neither me is good in Law.
I never forced myself to memorize the clauses.In fact,I didn't memorize them.

I don't know how is UM's system but as for QS in IIUM,we were given the statute during the examination which comprises of Land Law,Law of contract etc.

And as for the post contract subject,we were given the FOC i.e PAM & PWD during the examination.

The only thing we need to memorize is the law cases.No need to memorize all cases.Just at least 1 per each clause.

It's ok if u need to repeat the paper.Look at the positive perspective.U'll gain extra knowledge as u'll learn the subject twice.Insha Allah u'll be much better n confidence in the future.

The key is,u must understand how the contract/law works.What clause related to other clause etc.

May Allah helps you,Insha Allah.

*Jangan disebabkan diuji sekali,anda berputus asa.Ramai lagi kawan2 kita yang nasib mereka tak sebaik kita.Mungkin kita hanya failed 1 paper,tapi ada kawan kita yang failed 2@3 papers.Berbaik sangkalah dengan Allah.

Keep going.

Syahidah Roslam said...

alhamdulillah i didn't have to repeat the paper.I have called the lecturer and he said he little shocked with my result and will check it back..alhamdulillah.
yes we haven't been given any pam,cidb,pwd during the exams.we have to know and memorized important clauses.we even didn't get a little tiny facts,40 marks was for CIPAA iium website got past year question?or we must have any id to login?