Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you have your own Plan?

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t

I haven't updating my blog for quite sometimes.Like what Shu'bah,Pan and some other of my sahabat said and teasing me,I'm a "blogger tegar".~So,it's kind of wired if I didn't updating my blog in a week.

Insha Allah I want to share my humble opinion about what I'm thinking and planning right now.

People keep on asking me what I'm gonna do after I've finished my undergraduate studies and I keep on giving different answers.Perhaps they will think that I just have an "omong-omong kosong"..

It is you who determine your own future.

First of all I want to clarify,right now I'm talking about short term mission/aim.Not the ultimate mission which is I'm sure all of us already know-Mardhatillah,Paradise etc.

For those who ever participated in any program or management classes you should know the "back up plan".If let say your plan A couldn't be achieve due to some problems or there is a changes in the middle of the event,then you have to implement or go with Plan B which you were already planned before the program/event.The best thing is,you have more than A and B plan.Make few other plans.

Now,it same goes with our life.A wise person is he/she,who planned well his/her life span.It doesn't matter if you just have only plan A.Let say you wanted to be a doctor.Then you have to work out and choose the route of a doctor.After all,at the end of the day,you'll serve the people as a doctor.That's it.

As for me,I'm a bit abstract minded and like to think broad.I don't want to flow according to the streamline.According to my study flow,after I graduated I should be working with QS firm or pursue for Master.(actually once you do your master,you're more towards to be an,need to think it carefully.A private QS firm seldom take Master holder to work with them because they need to pay more for the salary.Thus,they preferred only diploma or Degree holder).If I'm working as a QS,then for how long shall I work?I'll work and get my salary and it will keep on repeating the same story.Until when?-retirement.(maybe)

Even in construction we need a proper plan.Which one shall be built/constructed first?The roof or the wall?

Why not we be a bit creative?I'm sure all of us have our own interest.For sure when you were in kindergarten and your teacher asked about your ambition you'll say A (for example).While in primary school you will think of to be B.And your ambition keeps on changing and I bet until now some of us still keep on looking of his own interest.

You have to be an engineer but deep inside your heart,you enjoy other things else,let say designing.Which one is better?You work partly because of "you have to" or you work because of "you love it"?Make your own decision.

What I'm trying to say here is,it is normal if you stumbled on a new interest in the middle of your life.If you think your interest will benefits you,and others,make a plan for it.It's not wrong to have many interest and plan.But make sure those interest benefits to ISLAM instead only for yourselves.And of course your plan need to be achievable.

I love to listen to Steve Jobs speech during the Commencement of student Graduation at the Stanford University.~ Do what your love.If you still can't find what you love,keep looking.DON'T SETTLE.

The MOST IMPORTANT is,we plan for our life in the hereafter.The real achievement is, when we'll be blessed by Allah and enter the Paradise.All of the things we planned for our short-term mission should have link to the hereafter.Otherwise,all we have done will never be accounted by Allah and we'll be regret soon.

~A wise and good Muslim is he,who plan his life to meet his Rabb~

Note 1:I'm not saying I'm good in planning.I'm still learning.

Note 2:Although my physical is small,don't under estimate my high ambitious and abstract minded.Hehehe (this is not a Riya' or 'Ujub statement)

Note 3:If you do not plan,you planned to fail.


Atiqah said...

I took English for my degree, now i work in a Petroleum company which i have to deal with business transactions and lubricants...its totally a different world here but i look at the bright many new things to learn and could be beneficial for Islam too.. A muslimah with broad knowledge and experience..that is what I should be and other muslimah should become too..

small figure with smart brain..dont worry, u r not alone. people look down at our physical but they dont know what we have in our mind..

all the best...

ukur kira said...

to atiqah:

U're right.Honestly I never thought an English degree holder will be working in oil and lubricants company.

Again u're right.We should equip ourselves with broad knowledge and experience for the sake of Islam.

Its ok.I never worry about my little figure.In fact,I'm very proud of it.My beloved sahabat,Allahyarham 'Ammar also more or less of my size but he got "jiwa yang besar".He inspired me very much.

Al-Barra' ibn.Malik,one of the Prophet p.b.u.h sahabah also re in the same case.small figure.But he made a big impact in the seerah.

All the best to u too.

ing said...

maaf klau prkataan omong2 kosong tu mguris prasaan nta...
ana bkn nk ckp kt nta sgt sbnrnya...
ana nk ckp kt diri ana sendiri...
ana dulu ada keinginan nk msuk khassah...LAST2 x JADI

kmudian skrg /2-3 menjak ni ada keinginan yg mcm2 n pelik2
e.g nk jd guru, peniaga, penternak, petani n mcm2 lg...MUNGKIN JUGA x MNJADI


*maaf klau ana bt nta terasa..

ukur kira said...

to ing:

Eh, tak dak la.Ia tidak mengguris hati ana.ana ni hati kering skit.hehe

Eh,bukan nta sorang ek nk masuk khassah dulu.Kan kita ada 'geng janji palsu'..hehe.ana pn trmasuk 'geng' tu.

It's still not too late utk buat smua tu.Kalau x jadi pun,ada la Allah plan yang terbaik utk nta,Insya Allah.


*Ana x terasa apa2 pun. =)