Thursday, May 13, 2010



A bunch of Thanks to my friend,Duddin (nick name)for bought me gifts a.k.a souvenir from China.

He went to China last month with other Architecture students for heritage studies.I lend him my point and shoot camera but didn't expect anything in return.However,he bought me a nice t-shirt painted the Chinese Opera Theatre, and also a beautiful key chain of Bird nest stadium in Beijing.

I'm a bit "terharu" and really appreciate it.Hopefully our ukhuwwah will continue forever and ever.Syukran Dud!


Note 1:My Architecture friends will be graduating soon as they just completed their part 1,and Dudin said he will be working for few years to gain experience before continuing part 2.

Note 2:Thanks to my shabat,Shafiq Shukur for bought me a nice Palestine key chain during the last Perhimpunan Perdana Palestin at Melawati Stadium.Nanti ana belanja nta pulak,insya Allah.

Note 3:Eh,kempen Palestin tak habis lagi tau!keep moving friends!

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