Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sabar Wahai Temanku...


I just managed to have a short chat with my juniors from the QS department.They were seems to feel frustration,fed up etc.The final exam result just being announced few days back and unfortunately some of them couldn't manage to pass what I called 'the killer subject!'

I'm so sorry if I didn't help much in your studies.I realized that some of them requested me to be their tutor for the previous semester but as I was doing my practical training and buzy with other programs,I couldn't managed to teach them well although I did sometimes.

For those who has passed,congratulation and those who couldn't manage to scored,never mind,still a congratulation to be given because you have tried the best to answer.Insya Allah,if you still have any problems please do not hesitate to ask me and I'll share my knowledge as long as I can.

Remember,this is only a small test.We should actually pay more attention and concern about the test given by Allah to shaping and screening us to be a better muslims.As long as we can survive and istiqamah from Allah's tests, that the real achievement.And of course,our ultimate aim is to enter Allah's Paradise together with HIS blessings.

May Allah guide us..

Note1 : Alhamdulillah..My Architecture's friends whom had a contract rivision class with me at my room the night before the final exam,had passed with flying colours.Most of them scored A.Thanks Allah for given me the opportunity to share my knowledge with them.

Note2 : Now I've been thinking to be a lecturer as most of my friends said that I have the skills of teaching.hehehe (maybe not..I want to be a farmer.)


ing said...

u want to be a farmer?
eh sama lah kita...

AtikahTarmizi said...

yeah..a bit frust dgn result yg kuar haritu.
utk "killer subject" tu, any tips to be shared?

ukur kira said...

to ing:
Eh sama ek?Bagus2..tapi mu kena kerja dgn government dulu eh?Mu kan bakal doktor.Kawe nak bukak kebun dengan mu dekat kelantan deh?nnti bleh kita gi mancing sama2.

to atikah tarmizi:
no need to frust sis.Setiap peristiwa ada hikmah.Ada la tu Allah nak bagi lebih baik.Jika tidak sekarang,mungkin suatu hari nanti.Berbaik sangka dengan Allah.

Tips?tiada tips pun sebenarnya.I'm not exactly the right person to give advise on this subject.Maybe u can ask other sister senior yang boleh bantu?
Hadamkan setiap clause dalam PAM and PWD.clause which is related to other clauses etc.e.g S.O instruction may related to EOT,insurances etc.

AtikahTarmizi said...

betul..redha dgn apa yg Allah nk bg.

btw b4 exm hr tuh igt dah fully prepared. Plus, related clause pn rse mcm dah faham. tp xtau la whether soalan tu yg btul2 susah or ana yg xckup faham.that's the issues.

act terjmpa this blog dgn xsengaja n the latest topic posted is ttg exam result. tu yg tgerak hati nk comment.sory n thanks

ukur kira said...

to atikah tarmizi:

oh,tak pa.standard la tu 1st time jwb soalan2 post cont.As soon as u get used to it,insya Allah ok.

it's ok.just keep on commenting and give ur views.Different people,different point of view.Mayb u can share smthing with us here.