Saturday, April 3, 2010

My short listed books..

I just planned to buy few books which to be read during this coming holiday.Frankly,I supposely reading books which are related to my course as I'll be doing my dissertation soon. But,I just affiliated with books which are related to human behaviour etc.and of course,it is in english.

Here are the books which I'm looking for:

1)Law of connection & Law of Attraction by Micheal J. Losier
2)How to win friends & influence people by Dale Carnegie
3)Teach your child how to think by Edward De Bono
4)Ford County (fiction) by John Grisham
5)The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (non-fiction)by William Kamkwamba.

Honestly,these books are quite expensive and I should start thinking how I'm going to get it.

My abah and ummi use to read lot of books and I'm sure I am affected with their habits.(although different genre of books)

My book shelve in my room at IIUM

Let us read and increase our knowledge as Malaysians or specifically Muslims are not really enjoy reading.Read in the name of Allah,and let us change the condition of the Ummah.May Allah bless all of us,Insya Allah.


MuNsYi SaMa said...

Read mitch albom's. It's a good writer also. I have some books if u want. hehe

I think John Grisham a bit advance for me. :(

Sometimes I have too many books I dont know where to start. That's why some of them just stay there neatly on my shelf.

Atiqah said...

there are blogs out there who sell preloved books with very reasonable price...and some of them based in UK (Malaysian who lives in UK)...the shipping cost is very affordable too..maybe u can try to get cheaper books from sorry i cant remember the blog address...

maybe for Grisham's book, u can try to look at here

happy reading

ukur kira said...

to Shu'bah:
Never mind.I still remember pak cik RB once said,if u come across any books especially 'buku2 fikrah',don't think twice to buy or not to buy.Grab it.Although u might not read it at that particular time,u might need it some other time.

to Atiqah:
Thanks for the info.Really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

askm, nabil.. ana rekemen buku dale carnegie, how to win friend and influence people.. ana dh bc.. bgus sgt2 untk communication skills. and ana dh bc law of attraction by micheal j losier, for me, xde la best sgt,bbanding buku kuasa minda separa sedar by rozani pawan chek, terbitan pts publication.. both book talks about NLP (neuro-linguistics programming). k, nabil. salam :)

LuQMaN M.J said...

i'm trying to cultivate reading habits in my daily life...

Do pray for me :)

I do read but not as many as my brother and parent :D

ukur kira said...

Jom2 baca buku..
mula-mula nipis pun tak pa..
Once dah rasa best mmbaca,buku tebal pun 'sentap'!