Monday, April 19, 2010



Just a short post.
I spotted an advertisement at the door of musolla mahallah zubair this evening.

Nissan Sunny 1.5 for sale!
Year 1983
Good condition (how far the good is,i dunno.I doubt its 'good' condition)hehe
Price:RM 3000.00
Those interested pls contact Bro. xxx (sorry I forgot his name n phone number.If u're really intended to buy it,I can help u go and check again his contact number..hehe)

So,for those yang memang desperate habis to own a car with affordable price plus 'good' condition,can start thinking to have it.

Till then.


Anonymous said...

cuba anta gtau ameen...

ukur kira said...

to anonymous:
Malas la..tak mau promote personal.ana tak dpt apa2 saguhati pun tlg promote.hehe.Just voluntarilly advertising brother tu pnya.So,if ameen stop by at my blog n terbaca,then tu nasib dia.Hehe.