Thursday, April 15, 2010


Wake up around 5.30am. UIA a bit peaceful as the semester break just started last week. Make my self prepared for Subuh. After quranic recitation, just spent sometimes surfing the internet. Checking my e-mail, reading the star online. The earthquake in China's Qinghai province coveres the headline of the news.Just gone through the news without fully read it. Hehe..

After finished reading news and few blogs,working out and settling some stuffs related to HIMEGA which to be held this coming end of month. Preparing registration forms etc.

I planned to go to the library to do research for my final year dissertation. Thus,around 10.00am, I headed to the university library a.k.a Dar- Al Hikmah Library (yeah the name given by the UIA).

I’ve spent few hours there, concentrating on my work until one guy spoiled my mood. Quite annoying! Walking without care the sound produced from his shoes. I thought a girl wearing a high heels but it was a guy wearing a leather shoes but making such noise. (adakah kasutnya mempunyai ladam untuk kawad?)Wallahu’alam..

Packing my stuffs and left the library around lunch hour. As my throat calling for a drink, I stopped by at a kiosk and bought a bottle of mineral water. On my way back to college, someone stopped me, asking something. He’s looking for Imam of UIA’s masjid. So, I brought him to the masjid’s office.

On our way to the office, that guy (is it pak cik or abang? ntahla..) kindda praising me for having the opportunity to study in the university and doing Master.Erk?Apakah? I stopped walking for a while and looked at my self. With dark blue jeans, brownish polo shirt, hair a bit spiky (I’m not intended to make such hair style. It happened naturally. hehe) and a dull colour bag make me looked like a master student? Did I? Nonsense..

So, I clarified my status to him. (not as single, couple or married) but as an undergraduate student. Huhu

Having lunch alone in the café before later my friends came and joined me. But seems I’ve finished, I just left them and walked to my room. Take a nap for a while before zohor..zzz

After zohor at musolla, I restructured and tidied up my research from the library. Adding few things which needed. Then, just spent my time during the “prime time sleep” by reading. “Barack Obama; Dreams from my father”. The no. 1 international bestseller.

After Asar, my friend and I planned to go for kayaking. So, we headed there, just inside the campus near the female sport complex. Unfortunately it was closed. We decided to walk around the man made lake and lingered there, enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine. We were only left the place when the rain started to get heavy.

We were spending our evening time by wondering around the campus. Went to the
exclusive mahallah, rector’s residence etc. The moment we returned to our mahallah, it was still early, thus they (notice how i used "they" instead of "we") trying to ride my friend’s bike. Motocross type. For off road activity. Due to my “terbantut ketinggian”,ulangan, "terbantut ketinggian" I couldn’t be able to ride it. Quite high. Thus, I just watching them.. (what a pity). But my friend promised to bring his Kawasaki Ninja 250 tommorrow. Hehe.. (yang tu baru sentap nak bawak..rendah sikit)

After maghrib and a short refreshing of my quranic memorization, we (me, my friends and my big bro) went to have our dinner. Guess what? We had our dinner at the grave yard.

UIA’s students called the restaurant grave yard as it is located near to the grave yard.It's not a big deal at all.

Then, went to Giant Batu Caves and bought the double Dutch ice cream. Hehe. (nak rasa punya pasal.Tengok dalam TV macam sedap ja..)

After Isyak, YM with Abu Zarrin. Helping him preparing his resume. All the best to Abu. Dah dapat kerja jangan lupa belanja ek.hehe

That’s the story of my yesterday activities… Honestly, seems like no benefits from it. But, let us try to get some ‘ibrah from the story;

1) Our appearance and personality mirrored ourselves. The way we dressed, hair style etc. I should make a change to it. (Am I looked like a rockers??) Ya Allah..What a sinful I was.

2) We need to plan our works properly. Manage it !

3) We need to spend few hours from our 24 hours in Islamic development. Self purifying, muhasabah, reading etc. I admit, I’m lack in that part.

4) We are the ambassador of Islam. What we do, how we react or in other words, our daily activities mustn’t contradict with the Islamic teachings. People will keep on looking at us. (ini bukan ayat untuk suruh berpura-pura baik di hadapan orang) Try our best to be a good muslim.

5) You can find other lesson by your own..



LuQMaN M.J said...

i'A you are a master student to be :)

ukur kira said...

to Luqman:
Insya Allah.If ada rezeki.doakan