Sunday, April 18, 2010



While I’m alone in my room in UIA, (my roommates went home this weekend) unintentionally I missed my sahabat-sahabat from my secondary school. I just realized that I’ve left MATRI for about 5 years. But in between the time gap, I’ve returned to my beloved school for several times.

Truth to be told, I missed my teachers, ustazs,ustazahs,mak cik mak cik canteen, admin’s people in the office, gardener, and of course the students specifically my batch.

I can still remember the moment Cikgu Maimunah entered the class for physic and add math. She will invite anyone of her student to recite du’a and sometimes my named were being called by her.The best part was her tazkirah before started teaching. She used to read books from Ibnu Qayyim Al Jauzi. Oh, what a sweet memories!

Not to forget, other teachers. They are my best teachers I ever had.

This entry, I would like to update my classmates (5 science Umar) their current info on academic status.

I’ll start according to seating arrangement in our class.

Try to make it short and simple. Just their name and which university and what are they studying currently.

1) Mohd Hafiz Zainol Abidin – UTM Skudai, Mechanical Engineering (Material)

2) Mohd Affiq Abu Yazit – KTD, ICT (Am I right?)

3) Ahmad Abrar Ahmad Tarmizi – KTD, Electronic Engineering

4) Umar Afifi Zainordin – UiTM Shah Alam, Education (Physic) *Ada bakat ganti cikgu mai.

5) Ahmad ‘Imran Mohamed – Zagazig University, Egypt, Medic

6) Muhammad Ihsan Makmum – UiTM Penang, Electrical Engineering

7) Ali Noor Hanis Anuar – USIM, Medic

8) Abdullah Soofie – USM, Mathematics

9) Ahmad ‘Ulwan Ahmad Tarmizi – IIUM, Computer Engineering

10) Ahmad ‘Akif Adam – UTM Skudai, Chemical Engineering (Gas)

11) Adam Mohd Kadir – UiTM Shah Alam, Civil Engineering

12) Mohd Aiman Firdaus Othman – UMT, Chemical Analysis and Environment.

13) Ahmad Safiuddin Abd Rahim – IIUM , Aerospace Engineering

14) Abdul Wakeel Mahadzir – UniKL MIAT, Aviation

15) Abdullah Syamil Ahmad – IIUM (Kuantan Campus), Biotechnology

16) Wan Mohd Akamal Wan Mohd Zaim – USIM, Medic

17) Muhammad Mudzaffar Mansor – UiTM Merbok, ICT

18) ‘Ammar Sabri – UiTM Kota Samarahan, ICT

19) Abu ‘Ubaidah Sharuddin – UniKL MIAT, Management

20) Syed M. Islahi Syed Saifuddin Al-Ayubi – UniMAP, Mechatronic Engineering

21) Ahmad Ikhwan Rosli – USM, Physic

22) Ahmad Faiz Muhamad Sabri – Cairo University, Medic

23) Mohd Syakir Rosle – UniKL MIAT, Aviation

24) Mohd Syahid Md.Zin – UniKL MIAT, Aviation.

* Arwah ‘Ammar was in Egypt,Medic. (May Allah bless him)

Note:If happened my infos are wrong, please do correct me. Tq.


MuNsYi SaMa said...

shbt2 junior,
semoga berjaya dgn jayanya.

sile update status yg dh kawin skali.umar afifi je kan?

ukur kira said...

to shu'bah:

So far,umar afifi je.(lelaki)
Yg dh bertunang ada rahsia.hehe

Yg penting,ana masih single.hehe