Sunday, April 18, 2010

Allah knows best


Actually I've got few things to do this weekend.

1st,I've been invited to join a Program/Tamrin for my juniors from the foundation Studies IIUM.Need to squeez in during the sharing moment session.(What shall I shared?I don't think I'm the one who supposedly sharing thoughts with them.rasa tak layak la pulak..)

2nd,one of my friend invited me to participate in inter-faith dialouge which to be held somewhere in Damansara if I'm not mistaken.He offered me a place as he is one of the committees,I guessed.This dialouge really sparked my interest as I loved to learn new things.Listening to other religions' point of views etc.Getting to know the misconception on Islam and on top of that,making new friends.It is actually a serial dialouge and this one is the 1st series.Once I've missed the 1st one,it's difficult for me to understand the next series.

3rd,Insya Allah this end of month there will be a program for students whom just finished their SPM last year,and they'll enrolling to various universities soon.This proram is to give them an exposure on the campus life.The survival and continuity of Da'wah and Tarbiyyah in campus.Just letting them to know so that they'll not feel the 'culture shocked' soon.Thus, I have meeting to synchronize the program this weekend.

We planned and Allah has his plan too.I wasn't be able to fulfill all of my 'to do' things this weekend.Hopefully there'll be hikmah from my absentees.I should have figure it out by now.Learned from the mistakes.A mu'min never felt twice in the same hole.


Note1:Someone asked me whether I'm ready to get marriage or not.Apakah?
Alhough I'm still single(ye ke? CONFIRM!! I'm SINGLE!)Just to clarify that I'm still 'too young',too rock (recently),unmatured enough,and few other things which made me unavailable at this moment.Got it?

Note2:Wishing all the best to Shu'bah n Pan in their Engineering Industrial Training.(Selamat merasai keperitan di perah tenaga untuk serve the system.Hopefully still have strength to attend halaqah etc.)

Note3:My friends,siblings etc. keep on insisting me to make my own face book account.I can't still decide it yet.Aduhh..(patutkah?)


Atiqah said...

Marriage is something that you have to think deeply. Don't do it if you are not ready..because when you really enter the marriage life, there is no such words as 'I'm not ready'. I recalled Ustz khairul once said in Quran & Sunnah class few years back then,

"Dalam perkahwinan x de soal bersedia x bersedia. Bila dh kawin semua kena bersedia dgn apa sja kemungkinan"

I heard that the next HIMEGA will be held at UKM, kolej pendeta zaba..some of us still have few papers to go..insyaAllah if there is time, i'll try to make it. I should actually, it is my place, i'm the host and i should be there to give my support to such progrm..(so regret couldn't make it during Baitul muslim and TOT )

ukur kira said...

to Atiqah:
I agreed with ur point.I observed it is like a trend recently (especially our generation)to get marriage at the early age.I'm not opposing with that.It's their right to do so,but please make sure u're actually totally ready to be a husband and a father.Prove it that u're competence enough to carry such responsibility.

(ade yang dah kahwin tapi masih main-main game,layan-layan movie,tidur lepas subuh especially weekend etc.)Ehem ehem..Ad ciri seorang ayah ke kalau mcm tu?

Yup.This coming HIMEGA will be held at UKM.Insya Allah.May Allah give us the opportunity to work for HIM in this comin' program.