Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jom Palestine!


Just to beat the drum of our ignorance on the issues of Palestine.Seems that most of us still swing the legs and do nothing,I felt this is my responsibilty as one of the Malaysian/Muslim bloggers to spark again and again the awareness on this issue.

As an example, I would like to share 1 story I experienced with my sahabats.

Few months back,we had organize a charity walk to raise fund for the Palestinians.Thus,my friend and I walk all the way around the IIUM front area i.e CAC,KAED and KOE.

We met lot of people and we gave them leaflet containing info on this issue.Some of them like a 'first time heard about this issue'.Some are like shocked as they thought war has ended because news no longer tell about it.In fact some of them when saw us wearing palestine shirt,head cloth,palestine muffler and carrying box, will try their best to walk far away from us as if afraid we will talk about palestine and ask for their money.Some even woohy and smirking with our job.Huh,who cares!

One of the uncle keep on asking both of us about the Life line 4.Where the money will be channeled to etc.One of his statement which had stick firmly in my mind and had burn my patience was:

"Korang dok tolong-tolong bagi dana buat apa?Korang kata nak tolong bina penempatan rakyat Palestin sebab mereka dah tak ada rumah time perang baru-baru ni kan?Korang bina,nanti kena bom lagi,musnah balik.buat rugi je.."

What on earth!! (Woi!They are our brothers and sisters la!)I don't want to attract the crowd by smacking his head! So,we just left him.

Ayoo..Apa mau jadi with Malaysian ni?Ketuk pala guna BQ mau?

Dear readers,please help our brothers there.Each and every dollars we donate will be accounted by Allah.If you think you will be free from being questioning by Allah on The Day of Judgement,then you may continue with your ignorant.

May Allah give us light and hold our hand to walk on HIS path.Ameen..

Note: BQ is stand for, Bills of Quantities.Documents prepared by Quantity Surveyors for any construction projects.It is a part/volume in a Tender Documents.Tender Documents has several volumes and each volumes are as thick as 15cm.Some are even thicker. (so,kalau ketuk pala guna BQ,mau mati jugak orang tu or at least bengong sminggu)


Aisyah Ulya said...

Sabar la ye..

Kalau tak de orang cerca bukan Jalan Dakwah Tarbiyah namanya...


Who cares?

ALLAH cares our deeds kan? Ikut la apa orang nak kata.. Asal xlanggar syara', not break e rule.. Kite JALAN...!

Hee :)

Sedang menguatkan diri actly..

ukur kira said...

To Aisyah:

You're right.The path of Da'wah n Tarbiyyah is full of obstacles,hardship and turbulences.

The Prophet S.A.W even faced much more difficulties in spreading the teachings of Islam.

Aisyah Ulya said...

Hem, teringat kenangan KMK Timur 3.

Pc Razali Maarof menangis2 cerita pasal Rasulullah dilempar batu di Thoif..


Apabila Jibril mahu membalas, ingin menghempap pduduk Thaif dengan Jabal Thoif..

Rasulullah enggan..

Malah didoakan pula..

Ya Rasululallah, peribadimu sungguh mulia..

**memandang diri sendiri.. Sungguh jauh bezanya.. Masih byk sangat3 yang perlu dibaiki. ALLAH, kuatkan aku..