Monday, April 12, 2010

Dedication to my sahabat..

This post is dedicated to my sahabat,Ali Noor Hanis b Anuar.
Although we just met few years ago,I mean when we were in form 4 at MATRI,you're very kind to me as if we have met years before that.

I still remembered the moment we had our so called "first conversation".We were in the class at that time,infront of the class or specifically at the teacher's table.You were telling us your story of your previous school.I realized that you are a 'selamba' type of person.Although you just met all of us (because you were the new student at that time)you were still acting "biasa.."

Your presence at MATRI made me feel a lil bit offensive and distracted as you just scored in your PMR.It created a threat for me to acheive a good result foward.

Your smart mind just been proven when you got 3rd in the class during mid year exam while we were in form 4 science.(if I'm not mistaken).For sure,1st was Faiz Sabri,2nd Akmal and 3rd was you.(FYI,you had break the tradition of our batch since number 2 and 3 always been manipulated by Akmal and arwah 'Ammar.)

At first,I thought you were kindda stingy guy,didn't want to share knowledge etc.But soon I realized that my preceptions were totally wrong!

You never give up supporting me.Teaching me in all subjects especially the critical one for me i.e. add math,chem,bio and physic.You lent me you add math workbook a.k.a koleksi kertas-kertas soalan SPM past years with full set of your answers.Brilliant! It helps me a lot.

Besides,you were my chemistry mentor.(Cikgu Zaiton pilih enta jadi mentor untuk group kita)because of your competency.You were such a good teacher for us.Guide us step by step especially in chem.(although you're the only one who deserved chemistry A1 in SPM.None of your mantee got A..hehe)

Supposely we were in a team for table tennis while in form 4.We were selected to play double, representing MATRI for MSSPs,but unfortunately,it was you the only one who was selected.(ada cerita di sebalik batu..hehe.shh..jgn bising-bising ali.)

Too many stories to be told..Just highlighting fews;flashed back our memories..

I planned to follow you,further my study in the same university after SPM.But, Allah knows best.You deserved to be a doctor.You deserved to study medicine while I'm not, although jepah offered to help me to ensure I'll enrolled the same university with you and him and do dentistry..huhu (thanks jepah)

"Kecewa...why I'm always be the shortest?"

from left:Umar,ali,akmal,me and adam

Although we're separated by distance,university,commitments etc. you still keep on messaging me.Asking my conditions etc.I really appreciate it.

Thus,I would like to dedicate this post to my sahabat,Ali Noor Hanis Anuar.May your life is shower with Allah's blesses,forgiveness etc.

May our bond of ukhuwwah remains strong abadan abada.

*Note1:Ali bila nak belanja makan?hehe
*Note2:Walaupun baru berkenalan time form 4,tapi proses tarbiyyah yang kita lalui bersama mengeratkan lagi ukhuwwah kita...Amin..
*Note3:Ali enta gi Jordan jgn lupa beli t-shirt untuk ana.Keychain tak mau! (Ayat demand yg sangat tinggi) hehehe


adkarika said...


ali noor hanis..igt lg mase ali
baru masuk matri form 4...mcm dah kenal lame dah padahal baru sehari bertaaruf...hihi. itulah kelebihan ali..memori..

ukur kira said...

to adkarika:

tu la..Ali oo Ali..dah la suka sorokkan kucing dalam laci meja dia..ali hurairah@ali el-qettun.hehe
Jgn marah ek ali..

imran mohamed said...

Ali mmg bagus...
dua org Ali (yg no.1 n no.3)dah ada kt Mesir...
Ali yg no.2 ni je yg duk mlysia ngaji kt USIM...

Anonymous said...

"Kecewa...why I'm always be the shortest?"

Kecewa dgn takdir Allah?

anonymouh said...

"Kecewa...why I'm always be the shortest?"

Kecewa dgn takdir Allah?

Jd lah org yg plg berilmu, nescaya engkaulah yg plg tinggi...

ukur kira said...

to Imran:
Ali no.2 dkt dia p ziarah jordan skrng..

to Anonymous:
tak kecewa dgn taqdir pun..cuma bila rendah bnyak perkara x dpt d lakukan.cntohnya,spike bola..hehe

Insya Allah.Doakan agar saya mnjadi org yg berilmu,beriman dan beramal.(ala-ala motto KRS)