Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Al- Qur'an lied???

Looking at the topic, its kind a controversy issue to be discussed. However, I’ll try my best to emphasize the real meaning behind this topic. May Allah make it easy for me..Ameen…

Have you ever heard one ayat in Al-Qu’ran regarding solah? The meaning is more or less like this, “Verily, solah (pray) will prevent you from doing sinful things.”
However, have you ever seen couples stop for a while at a masjid to perform solah before continue their coupling? Or a girl with free hair walking in a shopping mall and suddenly entered a musolla to perform solah? Then she continued her shopping without covering her aurah.

Did you think that Al-Qur’an lied to us because those who prayed will be prevented from doing sinful things? Hmm….

Actually, those people who still committed wrong doings were not really solah in the true ways. Maybe just to fulfill his duties as Muslim without thinking and realized the soul or the lessons from solah.

Allah S.W.T has said in the Qu’ran that Mu’min are succeed. How? Those who concentrate (khusyu’)in their solah, left the bad things (lagho) and other characteristics of a succeed Mu’min which Allah mentioned in the Surah. Succeed here in terms in this dunia and hereafter.

The concept is easy. Can you ensure you will khusyu’ in solah which only takes you about 10 to 15 minutes per solah where else another 15 hours (minus sleep etc.) you spent it with maksiat? May be you said you have performed the solah, but why you still commit sins? Were you really khusyu’ in solah? Ask yourselves.
How many percent you really focus on Allah if the rest of your days you spent it in a wrong way? May be around 0.01% that is during salam. The rest of your solah? Only physical movements.

So, to ensure you khusyu’ in solah, make sure your daily routine did not contradict with Islam. If 15 hours you can focus on Islam, its not possible for you to khusyu’ in solah, but if you try to khusyu’ in solah which only 10 minutes, but the rest of your time you spent it with unislamic things, its impossible.
Thus, Al-Qur’an is not lied. Let us check back our solah. Either it stops and prevent us from sins or not.

For those who still couple, uncover aurah, like to have an empty talk, cheating, slander, back biting or any sin things, let us reflect ourselves. We did not want when Allah open our book of deeds in Akhirah, our good deeds were only dusk which means nothing!

A reminder for myself and to others……

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