Saturday, January 17, 2009 last..

Phew..For almost two weeks my laptop been infected. I called it special virus cause every icon I clicked appeared Microsoft words.He3..It encouraging me to finish up my assignment early.
Credits to my friends who had struggled to overcome this probs.
Ahmad Salman..Thanks for tryin' your best to repair my laptop.
M.Abd Naim for formatting my laptop and installed new softwares..Hahaha..Funny ek.I don't know how to format this stuff.Take times to learn.
M.Shafuan for linked the bridge between me and Abg Usamah.
To Abg Usamah,thanks for your help.
Again to Amad Salman who settled the wireless probs.
Now I can post easily from my laptop, alhamdulillah.
May Allah make ease for me to spread da'wah through writting.Ameen..

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