Friday, January 23, 2009

The Formula tactics

Just to share one story I experienced last Tuesday. Its all about the things happened around us. Did I mention before that I liked to see people behavior? That is what psycho did..Hehehe…

Around 6.00p.m, I walked to my hostel after finished my economics class. On the way, I stopped by at IIUM Mosque to perform Asar prayer. Then, I continued my way… However, I decided to take my dinner a little bit early after my stomach played some heavy metal music.

So, I went to Mahallah Ali’s café. Actually it’s difficult for me to eat at other café rather than my Mahallah’s café. After surveyed and thinked, I just have a plate (not really a plate. Actually a polystyrene container because I took away) of nasik putih and a chicken wing.

At the time I’m choosing my lauk, I saw one guy took some lauk and put it in the polystyrene. Suddenly it crossed my mind that “wow this guy only eat lauk without nasik!!!” Put on diet erk?
Then I just ignored him as other people did. Coincidently, when I queued to pay at the cashier, he was next to me.

“RM 3.00”, said the cashier to me. Well, as I taught. Hehehe.. Everyday the same lauk. Then, came the guy’s turn to pay.

“RM 3.80”. I just saw his container full of rice, with some vege, and a piece of chicken. Too full as he couldn’t close the container. Oh, if I added some vege it only cost me RM0.80 I’m mumbled to myself.

On my way to hostel, I felt something wrong with the guy. I keep on thinking and thinking.. Then I realized something….

The guy had cheated the cashier!!! As what I saw, he put some lauk in the container, initially. Then, when he comes to pay, the lauk already gone..

He used formula tactics. Container + lauk + nasik + lauk. He was hiding the first lauk underneath. The nasik covered the first lauk. Then only, he put the second lauk.

I think the exact price is double the price he paid… Huh..
Making worse, he wore a kopiah at that time. I assumed that he wanted to hide/cover his wrongdoing by wearing kopiah. Well, people will never expect those with kopiah on top of their head will did such bloody hell things.

Or maybe he is a kopiah man. I meant, kopiah is part of his cloth. Nothing to do with the cheating.

Now, what should I do? I can’t really remember his face. Even if I did remember, It’s difficult for me to prove his guilty to the cashier. Hmm…...
People nowadays are odd. Let me finish it here. Too long to discuss on ‘odd’..

I don’t think that the guy didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. What he did or what WE did boosted from our Iman.

Think it, understand it, analyze it, and take lessons from it.

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