Monday, January 26, 2009

Not my Day...Not my Luck..It's a Sinful Day

Around 11.00a.m this morning, I went out with my bro to buy some digital stuffs at Low Yatt Plaza. From IIUM we took a bus to LRT Putra station. From Putra station, we headed to Dang Wangi station. Then, we have to walk a lil bit towards Monorail Bukit Nanas station. Lastly, we reached Low Yatt Plaza after the monorail stopped at Imbi station. Phew…, what an exhausting journey.

Low Yat Plaza from outside view

On the way from IIUM to Low Yatt, I have seen many stupid things. Sometimes I felt like I wanted to vomit on the dot. Wekk!!!

Couples.. You know right? How people behaved when they were in love. Hugging in the public, holding arms by arms etc. I don’t think they are husband and wife. Huh…
Tight shirt n jeans? Wow!! They seems like have no dignity. Sometime, it looks like” Nangka busuk”. Whatever..

Inside Low Yat Plaza

The Chinese girls? Worse!! Only short skirt. May be they came from poor family. Insufficient money to buy blouse etc.

Me? I have no choice to look at them or else I have to hit the lamp post. So, I’m filling my sins account without my intention. Isk3…

I just bought a new cable to replace my old printer cable which already out of use and a keyboard skin to prevent and protect my keyboard from dusk.
My brother just bought a new mouse, w LAN device and a cable. We try to finish our shopping as soon as possible. Cannot stand with the environment.

After we had settled those things at Low Yatt, we rushed to Sungei Wang Plaza to perform Zohor Prayer. The Musolla there a lil bit comfortable compared to Low Yatt.
Then, we went back to IIUM. I just had my lunch at 4.30p.m at my Mahallah café.
Alhamdulillah my printer now is ready to be operated. It is not really a normal printer. It’s a machine to generate income. It helped me to survive during previous semester. Printing service. Hehehe..

Unfortunately, the keyboard skin did not fit my keyboard. Although it stated for DELL’s laptops, I forgot to read the models it fitted. Mine, the old version one.. So, I have burnt RM14.00. For those who interested to have the skin, you may contact me.. Promotion..Huhuhu..

Actually my sister and her hubby planned to visit me and my bro today. However, she couldn’t make it because we were out campus. Hmm… Not my day.. Not my luck..


BayularaLiza said...
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BayularaLiza said...

thats the best desicion made by Allah..dont call it as your`luck'@ unlucky day.. :)