Friday, March 6, 2009

4 Conditions for 'Amal to be Accepted

Alhamdulillah. I just had a chat(YM)with one of my sahabat.Although he is a bit younger then me,his idea and advice can't be denied.Brilliant and sometimes it caused me felt that I'm nothing.Nothing compared to him.Thanks sahabat cause reminding me on something that I forgot.

Our discussion was on the circle of the purpose of writing.He said more or less like this:

"People like to write,especially blog.They write their experience etc.However,is it really been accounted by Allah as 'Amal?"

As a blogger, I tried to defend my status as a blogger.Thus, I said:

"Of course.Insya Allah it will be accounted.Da'wah doesn't static on one skill.Writing is one of the branches in Da'wah.Thus,I think it's ok.(with confident)

"You might right.But it seems that not all bloggers think the same way.Although they think as what you thinked,sometimes it's still not accounted as 'Amal soleh"

"I'm still blurr bro.explain more..."

"Abdul Karim Zaidan once said:There are 2 conditions for 'Amal to be accepted/accounted.
However, we as a Dai'e, we must aim for a higher bench mark.We need to add two more things.
1)The 'Amal is developing Islam
2)The 'Amal is ruining the Jahiliyah
Then only we can say that it is 'Amal soleh."

"Erk?What on earth!!Strict bench mark."
I mumbled to myself.

A few minutes after the chat,I sat down and think for a while..
Some series of evaluations been done to analyze either what I've done is accepted or not.

Tup,tap,tup,tap...I jumped into conclusion that maybe some of them was useless.Nothing!!Just blown dusts.

Ikhlas?Hmm..too complicated to say.Sometimes nope.Allah knows better.
Syara'?I think so...Your opinion?(my blog)..Some entry not really..just empty talk.Rubbish!!
Jahiliyyah ruined?Personally,I think none of it.
Islam Developed?You think?Hmm...Wallahu'alam..

Then,what I have done before???
Knock your chest and ask your Iman...


ing said...

Bunyi mcm nasihat Abg Muhtad jer..Tp junior anta yg cakap? Sapa? mesti bdk batch Ikrimah ni..Ana agak la..
1 tazkirah yg bagus =)
nanti fikir2kan on d way ke umah abg jalal nih..Ok bertolak dulu..Askm

LuQMaN M.J said...

What I understand, as a daie he or she should in all time try to do amal which is consider as amal Qawi..

Lets try our best...

ukur kira said...

To ing:you're right.Batch ikrimah..
To LuQMaN:Yeah..

BARAN said...

my fren asked me to creat blogs n share thoughts wit others out ther long time ago,bt I way..its like a public diary,like everybody can see my own diary.
but then..I wondered if all my experience just for my private diary,n nobody could know bout it..its sounds like a waste..may b somebody out ther hav same experience with me..or may b someone out ther need to know my experience for good things..n dats how i come out with blogging idea.

Allah knows wats our intention of blogging..lets spread the love of HIM..

ukur kira said...

To Baran:Hmm..It seems like we have similarity.I like to share my experiences.Not only for the purpose of telling others,but for my self improvement.
Insya Allah,I pray to Allah to give me strength to spread da'wah through writing.