Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quantity Surveyors...survive??

My favorite newspaper is The Star.You know why?I couldn't simply express it here.Difficult.You better read it and compare with other newspapers,then only you get it.

Actually last few days I gone through Star Jobs.Just looking for any QS vacancies.Hehe..Although It's still early for me for that but I like to survey any firms calling for QS.

This wasn't my first time looking for it.I did realized something when I read the Star Jobs a few days ago.Can you guess?

Hmm....The QS vacancies decreased and not really in demanded due to the unstable Global economy recently. Thus, it affected the construction industry.

If 2@3 years before,QS are really in demand because of the rapid development especially in the middle east i.e Bahrain,Dubai,Qatar etc.Most of the constructions there contracted between local/Malaysian companies.It really created big opportunity to work in the middle east.

Newspaper cut...QS are not really in demand recently.

Besides,rapid development also occurred in our country.It created jobs.Either private firms or public(PWD)they are looking for QS.
Now???As the economy going slow,it caused result to the construction industry.
Some project even abandon due to insufficient fund to finance the project.
Although our government still developing something,but it is not really "happening" compared to few years ago.

I know that it's not really good to fully depend on government or to be an employee for an employer(makan gaji).We have to be creative in finding job.But it seems quite difficult for fresh graduate to establish own firm.(I don't think it's allow for QS freshie to establish own firms/QS rule).

Are you really familiar with Quantity Surveyor??Did you know what are their roles?Hmm....Maybe I'll tell ya next time.Perhaps some of the readers heard the word Quantity Surveyor/QS for their first time..Hmm...pity..

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ing said...

Jgn risau..Rezki Allah tu luas...hehe
Sbnrny salah 1 sbb ana amik medik adalah krn x yakin dgn prospek kerjaya graduan Maths..Skrg adalah skit2 rasa nyesal krn x meletakkan sepenuhnnya kpercayaan/keyakinan terhadap kekayaan/keluasan rezki Allah SWT DULU...
Ana mrindui no2/al-gebra n konsep2 fizik yg ana bljr kt UIA dulu...juga lecturer2 n kwn2 yg sekepala...

Smuga nta x mgulangi ksilapan yg sama yg telah ana buat..

6 thn lg yg wajib ana lalui utk MBBS(ijazah sarjana muda perubatan n pembedahan)
kmudian 2 thn jd doktor pelatih di hospital..

Perjalanan yg begitu jauh, n menCaBaR!!!