Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The time has come to sharpen the saw..

For the last few days, Quantity Surveying students were pretty busy. We got Portfolio Day. This is our last portfolio for 2nd year students. 3rd and 4th year has no portfolio. Thus, we struggled to do our best.

Let me tells a bit on what is actually portfolio for QS…..
We were divided into several groups. For my batch, we got 9 groups where each group consist of 9 to 10 members. Then, our studio Master, Sir Yahaya has given us tasks according to what we have learnt for the whole semester.

Each group got different topic to be done. The topics are:

Road works, Fencing and gate, Sewerage Reticulation System, Culvert, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Landscape Works, Sports Facilities, Surface Water Drainage and Water Reticulation System.

As for my group, we were given the Sewerage Treatment Plant’s topic. This topic has not been taught in class and even out of the syllabus. Thus, we have to work harder to master this topic. We divided this topic into several parts. 1st: Measurement. I’m in charge in this part. There are several items to be measured, e.g. concrete, reinforcement bar, excavation etc. 2nd: Construction Technology. Those who do this work will do research on how the Sewerage Treatment Plan been constructed, how it works and anything related to the treatment plant technology. 3rd: Estimating. This part, they will do built-up rate for every element I’ve measured. The final figure/price of the Sewerage Treatment Plant depends on them. 4th: Specification. This team will find the specification for every single item we have done. Some of the specifications are in accordance with the Public Works Department released 2005 and some are from the manufacturer itself.

All students spent most of the days in the studio. We stayed up till Subuh. It’s common for Kulliyyah Architecture and Environmental Design’s students (KAEDians) to sleep at studios.

During the days in Studio, every night I will send SMS to IKIM.fm radio station. Just to wish my friends good luck. When the DJ read my SMS, all of my friend will surround me and listen. Then we started to laugh cause some of the SMS just to say Happy Birthday etc.

I’ve brought my EPSON printer to Studio. The initial purpose was for our own group used. Then suddenly, everybody started requesting printing service event the 1st year students needed it. Thus, I’ve enlarged my business wings by doing printing service in the Studio. Alhamdulillah, I’ve got approximately RM 15.oo/ day. It’s enough for me for rolling purposes..

Besides, me and my friend were also in charge in model making. We just used recycle materials. Honestly, the model had attracted others.. Quite nice.

I’ve been appointed to present the measurement part during internal and external portfolio. Internal portfolio has been accessed by sir Yahaya and bro.Saiful, both our lecturer.Alhamdulillah, everything going well except the estimating part where some corrections have to be done. Insya Allah tomorrow, 1st April we will have the external portfolio. The external accessors will be lecturer from USM, UiTM and a QS Practitioner. We will show to them that QS at IIUM is better!! Ameen….

However, while working in the group, I realized something. I tend to repeat my mistakes. I couldn’t behave well in group. I liked to do stupid jokes, empty talks etc. Even sometimes I chatted with girls without purposes. Even some of the girls touched me. Erk.. I couldn’t blamed them as It was my fault either as I’m being “too polite” with them.

I’m telling the readers for the purpose not to repeat what I’ve done. The reality is there. I’ve heard from my friends that when we are in working field, it’s worse! Especially those in the construction’s field i.e. engineers, Architects, QSs etc.
Even in IIUM itself, KAED is well known with the ‘SOCIAL /SoSIAL environment.

The thing we should be afraid off is, when Allah ignores us and let us astray from His path. I can feel that from time to time, I’ve changed, from positive to negative. Now I understand the important of Muhasabah especially before sleep. We need to evaluate ourselves everyday for improvement for the next day..

Honestly say, I couldn’t find anyone yet in KAED who can be my mirror. The one who can be my true sahabat. He, who will remind me if I did mistakes. I missed my sahabat during my secondary school’s age.

I’m reminding myself and all readers, if you fell something wrong with yourself, you felt the changes of yourself, don’t waste your time there. Run out from the environment for a while. Seek Allah’a forgiveness. Spend sometimes for self purify and find your sahabat to refresh your heart and get new strength.

For now, I have to isolate myself from my friends for quite sometimes. THE TIME HAS COME for me to SHARPEN THE SAW..
Please pray for me….


ing said...

nabil ke udara...

ukur kira said...

ape yg hebatnya ing?? x dak apa2 pun..Ana makin teruk la..penuh dosa..

ing said...

Allah menguji hambaNya berdasarkan kmampuan hambaNya itu...
Maknanya apabila Allah uji anta dgn suasana yg mcmtu..Anta mampu mghadapinya..Sbb tu anta buat kputusan utk ber"uzlah" bt sementara waktu..
Moga Allah sentiasa meredhai hidup anta..
Moga Allah mengampuni dosa kita semua..
Moga Allah menetapkan hati kita utk sentiasa merasa bahagia dgn nikmat islam dan iman dan menjauhkan diri kita daripada merasa seronok dgn kmungkaran yg berlaku d sekeliling kita...

ukur kira said...

Thanks ing.Thanks 4 ur advise n du'a.