Friday, March 6, 2009

Sensitivity Faded??

If I ask readers pertaining the Gaza issue recently,can anybody give the answer spontaneously?No idea?Hmm..One of the problems~The ignorance of Muslims..Agree?I'm not saying that I'm up to date with the news.This entry is just for sharing or to spank our butt so that we will be more alert with the condition nowadays.

I'm a lil bit disappointed as some people (with Super Ultra Ignorance)asked:

"Can we start eating again McD, Burger King etc.?The war has ended."

Astahfirullahal Azim...Is that your level of thinking and understanding?No wonder Muslims left far behind.

Due to this situation,Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design,IIUM together with Quantity Surveying Students' Society(QUEST)in collaboration with all students' societies had organized a Palestine week as a reflection to the Ignorance of the People regarding the Issue.

Bro Faizul with one QS Junior selling t-shirts

This program which was held from 2nd March-6th March 2009 had waken up the people which some of them has already faded their sensitivity.Alhamdulillah.

Me with Syeikh Ahmad Yasin

Some of the programs including:
1)One Week Exhibition at KAED Gallery.
2)Talks by several panels i.e. Doctors who joined the mission to Gaza(Under MERCY),NGO's e.g Aman Palestine etc.
4)Buy and donate
6)Solat Hajat with qunut nazilah at KAED Gallery

Voice out your anger while stepping on the Israel/Shit flag

Scene during demonstration

Demonstration...QS 1 year was one of the official photographer.

Palestinian representative giving speech..Allahu Akbar!He taught us new slogan "From river to sea,Palestine will be free!!"We shouted together.

Give your donation while demonstrating..Allahu Akbar!!

Credits to the organizer and committees especially our junior QS for your full commitment.
Overall I can give 9.5/10 for this program.
May our tiredness been accounted by Allah as Amal Soleh.Amin..


Anonymous said...

Today demos really make me think for a while...

I do admit that most of our friends including myself tend to forget the palestinian issue when the war has stop.

Palestinian issue is not a seasonal issue but it will be all year round issue until palestine is free from the zionist laknatullah..

Alhamdulillah what have been said by our palestinian brother make me realize this....

ukur kira said...

to Anonymous:me too.sometimes I tend to forget.I think it's due to our "comfort zone" life.Hope we can remind each other to ensure palestine issue is our main/core subject! Allahu Akbar!!