Saturday, March 7, 2009


What come across your mind when you see this word at glance?Never heard?How to pronounce?-si~qah.
Hmm...Maybe some of you ever heard before but not really sure the exact meaning.Me?Not really clear.I just learn the meaning from my experienced.Thus,the word tsiqah is based on my understanding..Hope if there are any additions or corrections,please do correct me.

The first time I heard this word when I was in from 1 in my beloved school,Ma'had At-Tarbiyyah Al Islamiyah,MATRI.This word was seldom been used in my school either in Halaqah,daily conversation,tobur/assembly,in class etc.In other words,in a day you might heard this word.

As I remembered,I never asked my seniors or ustazs or teachers about the meaning of this word.As I heard this word,I tried to relate it to the topic from which this word been said.Then,I tried to conclude that Tsiqah is more or less you put your trust on someone.

However,I would like to thanks my dearest warden,Ustaz Mahadzir who taught me new things about this word.

That one when I was in form 4 or 5.I couldn't remember.Actually I was a school prefect(without intention to be a prefect as the responsibilities are tough).In one week,there is one day I have my duty to hold the hostel keys with me.It means,I have to lock and open the "SOLEX" at a particular time..

To make the story happened,one day during the class hour,one of my friend from the next class came to me and asked me to open the hostel lock for a while as he got things to settled in his room.

At that perticular time,I was a lil bit busy and as usual(it actually been done before by other prefect)I gave him the keys and asked him to open it by himself.I also reminded him to return back the keys as soon as he finished his works there.Yeah,he is one of my best friend.Thus,I'm Tsiqah on him.

As time passed by,the keys wasn't return to my hand.Me?I'm worried but just make myself relax with peaceful face...

As soon as the students finished reciting Al-Ma'thurat after 'Asar,they will return to hostel for riadhah etc.The keys?Still not been handed to me.

Then,I'm getting worried as all students already gathered at the hostel compound,waiting for me to open the lock..

I tried to find my friend,the one who took the keys from me,but I've been told by his classmates that he went out to town to settle something urgent.

Subhanallah...Now what?With "Muka selamba Badak",I went to the warden's house and asked him to lend me his duplicate keys.I knew,it was my fault and I'm ready to face any actions from my warden although a lil bit nervous.

"Tok,Tok,Tok"I knocked his door's house.
When he opened the door,the first thing I stared was his face.
"Gulp!His not in good mood", I mumbled to myself.

Then as I told him what happened,he didn't scolding at me.He only asked my several questions.

"Why didn't you open the lock for him(my friend)?"

"I was doing other thing that time and a lil bit busy,ustaz."(with innocent face and voice tone/meraih simpati)

"Why you gave him the keys?"

"Was that a prob?He's my friend and I'm Tsiqah on him.",I replied with polite.

"Hmm..Nabil,Nabil..What make you tsiqah on him?Is it because he is your friend?"


"Nabil,Tsiqah is actually you put your trust based on YOU and HIS IMAN..You can't necessarily put your trust to anybody.You will learn soon as you get lot of exposures.But bearing in mind that to put your Tsiqah on someone,you have at least put it on those with good akhlaq,responsible etc."

"Thanks ustaz for reminding me."

"One more thing,you had neglected your amanah.The keys are the amanah for you to be hold and keep it safe.But you easily left it to others.If only keys you couldn't hold as amanah,how about to hold the amanah as khalifah?"

"Suupp!!"An arrow stabbed straight forward to my heart..Astaghfirullah..

"Thank you ustaz.Insya Allah I'm not going to repeat the same mistake I have done."

Can u spot me?The lightest blue shirt.I tend to be an ordinary student(white shirt)by wearing the hue color more to white.

Then he gave me his duplicate keys to open the lock.
That night,my friend returned and he gave me the keys.He apologize as he was in hurry and couldn't return back the keys to me.It's ok friend.
There is a hikmah besides the "lost" of the keys for a while.~I got new things from my ustaz.

I thank to Allah for giving us good ustaz/ustazah/teachers to shape us to be a good muslims.They are my precious!

To warden/ustaz,I salute your skills in approaching students.You have lot of skills as Dai'e to approach mad'u.I learnt somethings from you that day.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfull story...
it reminds me of the old memories in MATRI

ukur kira said...

I missed you MATRI...
Imissed my ustaz,ustazah,teachers etc.
I missed the students although majority of them didn't know me as I left MATRI 4@5 years ago.

LuQMaN M.J said...
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LuQMaN M.J said...

One of our teacher used to say:
MATRI is the best in the world...


BARAN said...

Subhanallah..nice lesson.

kmjn said...

Pergh..ust Madet was speaking English wif u..hahaha =)

im said...

Thiqah x boleh diberi kpd mereka yg pecah amanah!! Sekalipun dlm hal2 bersangkutan dgn program2 Tarbiyah dia lah yg plg terkehadapan...
Sbg cth, pgawas yg rampas benda2 haram org tp dia sendiri bwk benda tu..Ataupun dia x laksanakan tanggungjwb utk mrampas benda2 haram2 tu krn dia sendiri yg bwk..~pgalaman masa form 2

Tlg betulkan klau ana salah =)

ukur kira said...

to kmjn:ustz Mahadzir speaks Malay la..

ukur kira said...

to ing:It's difficult for me to define tsiqah..Tsiqah di peringkat sekolah dulu mgkin lain sbb kita masih mentah n dalam proses belajar.Ada cacat celanya.
so,mayb x leh la kata x leh tsiqah lngsung dkt mereka tu.
I've to make further research on this topic.