Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shame with ourselves...

What did you do when the exams are just at the corner?Who did you seek to when you are facing problems?

Maybe some people said that they seek helps from their friend,family etc.Hmm...I put a side first for this category of people.Need other entry to discuss on this matter.

What I'm going to focus on, is the category of people who claimed that they seek Allah first when ever they are facing problems.

First thing I would say Alhamdulillah because at least this kind of people still remember Allah at a particular time although not at all time.

The Question is,why we tend to remember Allah when we are facing difficulties?When we are in good condition,we forgot our Creator.We commit sins,and enjoy committing without feel guilty.

Didn't we look stupid?The whole time we disobey Allah's orders then suddenly we are seeking HIS help at certain time...Hmmm....

The analogy is simple.Imagine you are quarreling with one of your friend.You make him mad.Then suddenly you ask his help.Do you think he will help you?

Maybe this analogy is not really suitable as Allah is Most Forgiven.However,we should fell embarrass on what we have done.

Let us look in other situation...

Our salary(for those already working)or our scholarship.The first thing we will do when the money were in our hand is spend it.Am I right?Then after spending here and there,the remains then only we donate.

It same goes with solat.Few minutes before the prayer time expire,then only we stand to perform the solat.Hmmm..

If we realize,all the things we gave to Allah were those the remaining things at which the early/initial things we had used for our own sake.In return,we wanted from Allah all the first class things.

We ask to Allah for wealth,for succeed in exams etc.Do you think Allah will grants our du'a?Maybe yes because Allah is The Most Generous.But,didn't us felt shame on what we have done?~Remembering Allah in season + Giving Allah remaining things.

We as Muslims should Muhasabah/evaluate again and again ourselves.

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im said...

iman n malu itu 2 benda yg x dpt dipisahkan, jika 1 terangkat(tiada), maka yg 1 lg juga akan terangkat..