Saturday, March 21, 2009

Journey to the East

Last week, on 13th-15th March our studio had organize a trip to Terengganu.Purpose??:visiting constructions site.We did visit the construction of Taman Ilmu(Knowledge Park)in Besut.It is actually an edu-tourism projects.There are several private collages which are under construction there.It's a big project where the contract amount is more or less to RM400mil.

We also visited the construction of drainange(culvert)in Kuala Terengganu.
Although it was raining all the way there,I really enjoyed and It's a beneficial visit.

I was sitting next to Shafuan in the bus

We stayed 2 nights at Qurata riverside chalet,just beside the floating masjid.
Besides from the visit which is related to our subjects,we also didn't missed the opportunity to visit Taman Tamadun Islam where Crystal Masjid is located. We also visited the Pasar Payang where I think there is no special things there, as we only be given 1/2 an hour to wondering around.

After visited the Taman Ilmu,we went to Bro.Faizul(one of our classmates)house as there was a Kenduri for his sister marriage.Thanks bro. for the invitation.

We also stopped by at a place which I couldn't remember the name, and we ate keropok lekor.I've been told that the place is quite famous in Terengganu.

I did spent time at Pantai Batu Burok with some of my friends.
Insya Allah this trip will strengthen the bond between every single of us...

The 6 storey Library at Taman Ilmu is under construction

Bro faizul disrtibuting the Bunga Telur

With the background of Crystal Masjid

Eating Kropok Lekor with friends

Sitting infront the chalet facing the river mouth/estuary

Bro.Azizi n Bro. Faizul looking at the drainage construction

We called this bus the moving coffin.It looks weird and exactly like coffin.I wonder why the gov. designed it this way....

Posing at Batu Burok Beach

I'm not sure what it is all about.This is my idea..Anyway stylo erk?..

View from the top most of the library where we can see man made lake and 12 storey tower near the under construction library..Beutiful...


ing said...

Bestnya journey to d East..
Bila pulak journey ke Middle East...
hehe :-)

ukur kira said...

to ing:Journey to the middle east mahal la..Hajat mmg nak p,tp Allah x izinkan lg..