Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another story of my day....

Monday… Phew.. When it comes to Monday, I felt something missing in my life. I don’t know what is it. Actually, Monday is the toughest day for me during this semester. I’ll went out to class as early as 8.30a.m and will return back as late as 9.30p.m. And yet, I have to face it for the whole semester..Subhanallah.

Last Monday, 02/02/09 I went to class like normal. Nothing different happened except I had a test that morning. I’m not really prepared. Just finished twice for revision. So, I just make my self ‘selamba badak’ without worried about the test.

At the moment I arrived at my Faculty, my phone ringing. A call from my class rep. He just reminds me to take the LCD from the office as usual. Yeah, it’s kind of my permanent job to do such thing. Well, this is due to my punctuality to attend the class. Thus, I have to help him to take the LCD. (I’m not saying he is not punctual; however he got other stuffs to be settled)

As I entered the class, some of my friends still concentrate and focusing on notes, preparing for the coming test. Psycho…

To make the story short, Alhamdulillah I answered with full confident. I expect I’ll obtained 7@8 out of 10. Hahaha… too confidence. Pray for me.

After the test, I walked around and suddenly I remembered that there is an ICT Fair at Cultural Activity Centre. Without delaying any second, I went there with my friend. Just for window shopping. No money to buy those things. However I intended to buy two books there. (It is not really an ICT Fair alone, but there are other fairs inside the CAC, e.g. books, clothes etc.) Insya Allah I’ll buy it as soon as possible.

After performed Zohor Prayer at SHAH’s masjid, I rushed to the class as it started at 2.00p.m. Waa… Subhanallah, I felt a lil bit stress as I couldn’t understand the topic discussed. Too difficult for me. ~ Post Contract Administration for QS~. We discussed on insurances, Performance Bond, Advanced Payment etc. Werk… Wanna vomit and my head gonna explode.

The class finished at 8.00p.m. We just have a short break for solah and tea time.
After class + pray maghrib, me and another two friends walked to the HS café. What is HS?? Hantu Setan!! Hahaha… Just kidding. Faculty of Human Sciences Café.
Alhamdulillah.. at last we had enough foods to break our fast. Then, we walked to the Masjid to perform Isyak prayer. Before we went back to our hostel, we dropped by at a kiosk near the masjid and bought some junk foods. Hehehe like kids huh? It’s ok as long as we enjoyed and it’s not contradicted with Syara’.

While finishing the silent killer food, we just chatting. I took out my classic Nikon coolpix L3 and snapped some photos. Just for my collection. Hahaha… The pics looked like I’m using Lomo camera…… Promoting Lomo..Hehehe.

Hmm… I just arrived at my room around 10.30p.m. My roommate, Izzat was preparing for his today’s duty as SUKSIS. Securing the campus. Patrolling around.May Allah bless him.

To my friends, Luqman and Amar, thanks for spent your time eating kidney’s killer, eating dinner together etc. Wise said, “Hok aloh, bukan selalu kite gini. Jadi budak-budak sikeet..”

p/s:Insya allah I'll try to upload some of our photos next time.


deli said...

x sangke aku dok sblh budak pandai time exam hari tu,huhuhu

ukur kira said...

To deli:Perli ek? tau la encik Deli hebat legal.anak kesayangan madam..hehehe