Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Have No Concrete Stand!!

Just to share something...I assumed that everyone got their own stand or principe.None of us just live without nothing. along your journey in this life you must have something to hold on or I can say your own stand.

Have you experienced something which you have to tolerate with your stand?If you did have it,were you really sacrificed your stand?Some people might did it while some people nope.

For me,personally I have no idea about that.I did have my own principes but sometimes I have to tolerate due to some cases where I think I have to sacrifice it..

The tip is, you have to evaluate the situation either it will contribute to a bigger impact or not if you tolerated your stand. Sometimes,our stand is just for our own benefits. Hence, why not we sacrificed our stand for other benefits?

However,there must be a guideline in sacrificing our principes. Those things to be sacrificed must be in accordance with Syara'. You can't simply sacrificed your Deen, just to comfort others.

"What the syara' said bad, is bad for you and what syara' said good,is good for you"

As a Muslims or in a specific scope, Dai'e (Those who convey the words of Allah)we sometime have to sacrifice our interests(Interest is totally different from principles)for others' sake.

This was the method where our beloved Prophet S.A.W did during his life time. As a result, many people attracted to his akhlaq,thus revert to Islam.

I was a lil bit touched when reading a book entitled "Bagaimana Menyentuh Hati" or in English, How to tackle a heart by Abbas As-Sissiy...The book tell us many stories regarding the method to tackle people's heart or in simple words how to do Da'wah without people feel discomfort. Do it in informal way.

From this book, you will see that we(the Dai'e)have to sacrifice our interests for the purpose of Allah.

I don't want to elaborate more about this book.You can read by your own and I encourage all of us can buy the book.You won't regret!
May Allah grants us with His blessings....Ameen...

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