Saturday, February 28, 2009

If you Failed to Plan,you are Planning to Fail

Just for my own reminder.Personally, I could say that I was not really good in managing myself especially my works.However,recently about 1 year ago,I did realize my weaknesses and I'll try to overcome it.I've remembered that our Beloved Prophet once said:"It's a kind of damnable for those who have the same good achievements in 2 days".(Aw kama Qal)

It means that if your achievement is at the same level for today and yesterday,you are damned!

Alhamdulillah,now my miserable life became more well managed and I thanked Allah for waking me up to realize the importance of planning.Some of my friends even said that I'm too "Skema" for noted down every single things to be done or due to my yearly planner.I don't care what people said as long as it gives me benefits.

One of my lecturer did say that, as a Muslim we should start do our own plan in life,e.g.what are we going to do after graduate,when to get married etc.For me, Insya Allah I have my own aim and I think I've made a right decision.I know when should I get married and with whom should I get married to.

Actually,if we didn't have our own plan, especially weekly plan, we will be filled by unnecessary things.Then, we started to claim that we have no time for assignments,no time for study etc.If we reflect back the time had passed,we were actually filled the precious time with computer games,watching movies etc.Why not we spend our leisure time by having a reading material which can increase our understanding on Islam,our picture about Ummah etc.

Remember that Allah S.W.T will asked in The Day of Judgment on how we spent our time during our life especially during our youth age.

One of our Muslim scholar once said:
"If you failed to fill your leisure time with goodness/Islamic things,then the bad things/Jahiliyyah will penetrate into your time."

Thus,it's only two things can happened in a time,either it is Islamic things or unIslamic.There is no such thing in between.

It's you,yourselves who know and can evaluate your achievements.For those(including me)who still didn't plan,it's still not too late for that.Have a step forward and starts your planning...

May Allah guide us to His straight path and give His forgiveness for what we have done.


BARAN said...

very nice article...need always to hav to-do-list so dat we always b awared of the passing time.

ukur kira said...

to baran:agreed.The time passed will never return.At the end of the day,Allah will ask on how do we spent our time during life time.