Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where your money go?

I'm a little bit doubt.When we donate to Palestine,especially to Gaza for the war occurred,is our money really given to them?

We can see many organizations,NGOs etc. collecting fund to help our brothers and sisters there.However is it that easy our money can reach to their hand?
In my opinion,our money can easily reach them through Fatah government.This is due to the 'sweet link' between Fatah and Israel.However,I'm afraid that the money donated will wrongly manipulated by the secularist government.

Personally, I think that our money should reach the HAMAS.I put my trust more on HAMAS compared to Fatah.Unfortunately,it's very difficult to give the money hand to hand as the Israel/Zionist got highly siege the area.

My question is,where did our money go??Where did New Strait Times sent our money?Was it to Fatah or to HAMAS?

If you are in the same doubt with me,I got the solution.
Let us help our brothers and sisters by donating your money or anything to HALUAN Palestine.
It is an NGO which will sent your money to the right person/organization.

If you intended to donate,here is the account info:-
Account name: Tabung Palestin HALUAN
Account no : 14-023-01-003429-2
Bank : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad


ing said...

Slm..ana kt kaherah skrg..x sangka plak Bro Azman, Dr Runi, n abg Muhtad mai mesir..Sempat jumpa depa n dgr tazkirah Bro Azman..Tadi depa baru brtolak ke syria utk ke palestin sbb depa x dibenarkan masuk ke palestin mlalui mesir..awat nta x mai skali? hehehe..rindu sih =)

ukur kira said...

To Ing:He3..iman ana x mantap.nanti mati'uzubillah.
Insya Allah kita jumpa nanti