Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Tarbiyyah been put a side.....

When tarbiyyah been put a side....Then you will see chaos everywhere.Corruption,bribery,back biting etc.getting norms.Even those who with the "Islamic background" or specialized in Islamic studies been corrupted.They just have the knowledge, but did not implemented it in life.Tarbiyyah been put a side.
Do we forgot what did our beloved Prophet done at Al Arqam house during the early stages of Islam? He Tarbiyyah the sahabah...Until they have been declared by Allah as the "Khairu Ummah".
Let us turn back to the root to solve the problems nowadays.From Tarbiyyah, it will creates our personality. It will colours us with the colours of Islam.
We tend to look at all branches problems and trying to settle it by enforcing the laws.
Why not we look at the root?
When the root is good,it will grow as a good tree.All the branches will produce sweet fruits and vice versa.Thus,the root(our heart)should be purified by Tarbiyyah.
Ustaz Mustafa Masyur, the 5th Mursyidul 'Am of Ikhwan Al-Muslimin said:

"Tarbiyyah is the crucial part in a Jama'ah to shape the Muslim personality. It is the foundation to form a good individual,family,community and lastly a nation.It is a practical sample of a good Akhlaq.History had been proven that the strength of an organization can be achieve from Tarbiyyah.From Tarbiyyah,individual can bond together and increase the strength to work in one line. However if Tarbiyyah been put a side,then weaknesses,misunderstanding,decrease the spirit of working in Jama'ah and shortage in output will happened."


kmjn said...

Slm..Dear Nabil..What is tarbiyah? Is it same wif education?

ukur kira said...

To kmjn:if u're translating the word frm arabic to english,u got it!.However,for people who sacrifice his/her life to islam the word tarbiyyah bring a lil bit different.It's more specific in shaping the individual to be a 'real muslims.'It is a process to purify our heart,to equip ourselves with the necessary strengths,knowledge etc. In a simple words, Tarbiyyah is a process to produce a man which has been done by our prophet. How he shape Abu Bakr,Umar etc. from jahiliyyah to the light of Islam.How he equipped those sahabah etc.I hope u get what I mean.Tq for the Q.