Saturday, February 21, 2009

My First Arabic Class

I was from Islamic school previously during my secondary school. I did get exposures to Arabic since form 1 until form 5. However, I couldn’t speak Arabic at all. Although I did score A in Arabic during SPM, it didn’t help me a lot in communication.

One of the factors is my effort to learn Arabic. Personally, I could say that during my life as a secondary school student, I didn’t spend much time for Arabic. I have reason for that. First, I was in science stream and it’s a little bit difficult for me to focus in Arabic as I had sciences subjects to be covered, especially add math, chemistry and physic as well as biology.

Besides, the environment itself. None of my friends dare to speak Arabic with each others. Even for me, I just speak in Malay with my Mu’allim an Mu’allimah during Arabic class.

Another factor is the Arabic syllabus. We just focus on Nahu, balaghah etc. We were been stressed on how to tackle the questions. (I think so)
As the result, I’m only good in writing in Arabic without have the communication skills.

As I entered IIUM matriculation centre, I did exempted my Arabic test, thus I just finished my life there in 8 months. I taught I was really good in Arabic. (perasan)
I did realize the importance of Arabic when I enrolled in IIUM Main campus. It causes me difficulties when communicating with those from Arabic spoken countries. Then I know, how stupid I am!

I tried my best to master the Qur’anic language by attending all lectures organized by the IIUM mosque. Those lectures are conducted in Arabic and are weekly lectures. It is on Sirah, Fiqh, Fath al bari, Tazkiyah an nafs etc.

Alhamdulillah, as time past by, I got improvement in my listening skill. Although the first time I understood nothing, now at least I can get the lectures’ main points.

One day, when I had a talk with my dad, he asked me about my Arabic. As usual, I said to him that I couldn’t speak and I didn’t have any skills. Although I really love Arabic, I couldn’t master it as I only put a little effort on it.
You know what my dad said? “You cannot go out/ graduate from IIUM if you still cannot master the Arabic.”

It really gave me a big impact. Soon, I tried my best to learn Arabic informal as I’m pretty busy with other works. Thanks to some of my Arab’s friends who taught me and encourage me to speak in Arabic.

Alamdulillah, this semester, my classmate, Aiman introduced me to an Arabic class which is conducted in Musolla Mahallah Uthman.

Last week was my first class.This class is informal and been taught by an Arabic course student from Bangladesh. Only 6 students joined this class. We are more emphasizing in speaking rather than other skills. I pray to Allah so that He will make me easy in seeking His knowledge.

P/s: I’m not studying Arabic because of my dad’s words. He’s words just wake me up from my sweet dream. I love Arabic as it is our Prophet language, the Qur’an language and the language of ahlu al jannah. Thus, I have to move a step for mastering it.

“O Allah, don’t you let my spirit blew out by my nafs, give me strength to stay and work in your path, If you wanted to take may soul, take it when I’m in full of Iman. Give me your forgiveness and let me together with the Anbiya’ in the hereafter.”


ing said...

Fuh...Bagusny..Truskan..Untung anta ada kwn2 arab yg baik2..

ukur kira said...

Alhamdulillah.Nta pn harapnya begitu jgk