Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let it vacant

Insya Allah next semester we have to change our room. And again it causes difficulties to the student. Yeah, we have to change the room every year. I'm not really sure the reason behind the reshuffling of room.

Actually,i'm in room of four. However, since last year we were only three. This is due to one of our friend, Fikri from Urban and Regional Planning Department had changed the University as he got offer for better study. He is now in UiTM Shah Alam taking Architecture.
Isk3...So sad..Nobody can replace his place.He's so unique.

After he left IIUM, his compartment remains vacant.Soon,one student from engineering came to fill the vacancy.He was Syahidan.Unfortunately,he can only stand around one month with us. No wonder because we are in different line. It's difficult for him to discuss regarding his study as the rest of his roomates are from Faculty of Architecture.

Then,he decided to changed his room to Mahallah Ali.Thus, our room, again remains vacant.

A few month later,one student from Applied Art registered to be our roomates. We were so glad as we got new friend.And again, he can only stands around one semester in the room.He next left our room and just stayed at home as his house just somewhere around here.

And again,the compartment remains vacant.Until last week,we have to register roomates for next semester. One of our friend from Department of Applied Art and Design volunteered to fill the vacancy.

The question is,can he stand in this room forever until graduate?Or,his story will be the same as the rest of the mysterious compartment occupants?

I don't know why it goes like that.May be the spirit of the first occupant still buried underneath the compartment..Wallahu'alam..Hehehe.

Now,we just wait and see either our new roomate can break the mysterious spell of the compartment or not...

*The compartment says:"Let it vacant."*

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