Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Skill, New Net.

Last Saturday I went to Ong Tai Kim area to find some stuff. Yeah, me and my best friend, Syahidan. We went there by motorbike. Credit to Ihsan for lending us his motor bike.

Actually we went there to buy swimming accessories i.e. tight, short, cap and goggle. You know why? Some of our friends volunteered to teach is swimming. So, we decided not to miss this opportunity to grab the skills. At least in the future, if we were been thrown in any river, sea or lake, we still can survive. Hehehe..

I did buy for some of my friends who still didn’t have the equipments. We tried to find the cheapest. At last, we just bought those things at a sport shop. Total: Around RM 100+. However we didn’t buy the goggle due to insufficient fund. Hehe..
Insya Allah our informal swimming class will be on every Sunday morning. It will be conducted by bro Elyas, bro Syakir, bro, Hafizul, bro Amad Salman and some other coaches.

Besides, I just bought a new table tennis net to replace the old one which already torn. Hahaha.. Got inspired to enhance the skills. Thanks to my friend since matric, Hasbullah a.k.a Lah who always be my target practice for Ping Pong. I just bought the cheapest net. RM 12.00.

I hope within this semester I can float myself and swim accordingly. Looking forward to challenge with Daniel Bego and Phelps. Hahaha..

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