Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baru tahu..

I've been noticing people are talking about Android.Yet it didn't bother me at all lately until just now the curiosity came along and I've been able to overcome it by surfing the infos.

What do you know about Android?Huhu

Arghh!! again wasting time by reading something which are not related to my research!
This is the problem when I'm doing my work with computer + got internet.I tend to 'ctrl + tab'..hua hua hua!!

Huh..suddenly the feeling of wanted to re-watching the trilogy of Lord of The Ring came over to me.Damit! I've been distracted by so many things!

Anyone still have the trilogy??It had been removed from my computer years ago.huhu.Agrhh!!

Lapar pulak..Adeh.Jom2 cari makan.[today's mood: Mari membuang masa =( juga menjadi lagho ]


Anonymous said...

bnyk tol la distraction dlm idup NJ... kesian...

-cik ABC-

ukur kira said...

@cik ABC:

Tu la pasal..Allah nak uji betul.Kasihanilah diriku ini..

Anonymous said...

Allah uji atau kamu yg tak leh kawal diri... :p

kasihani dirimu? diri sniri ni pun tak sempat nak dikesiankan.. distraction tahap gaban siap leh wat blog baru lg..hahaha...

-cik ABC-