Thursday, December 2, 2010

Positive or Realistic?


If you were asked whether to think positive or to think realistic,which one would you stand on?

Difficult eh? Ok,let me gives you an example.Let say you're already late to go to the airport and catch the flight.It would takes about an hour to go to the airport from your place while the plane will be departured in 1 hour 10 minutes.

Are you still struggling and betting to go to the airport?If you still rushing to the airport it means you're thinking positively although it seems like impossible to reach the airport at the exact time.If you decided to give up with the situation,then I would say you're thinking realistic.Although it takes an hour to go to the airport under normal circumstances,you should never overlooked the other considerations, e.g. the traffics flow,vehicle conditions etc.It surely would take more than an hour if suddenly your car broke down in the middle of the road isn't it?

Back to the question,where were you if this situation happened to you?Would you think positively or realistic?

Actually it depends on the situation.Sometimes you need to think realistic and put the positive thinking aside and vice versa.

If you ask me under what circumstances we need to think positive or realistic,I couldn't give the accurate answer.We are human and have feelings,attitudes and lot of subjectives attributes which need to take into account in deciding anything.

Hence,experience,maturity,the way we perceive etc. might influence our decision making whether to be realistic or positive.

It always happened in our society specifically in students life where we tend to make or advice people wrongly.I don't mean to be judgmental what so ever.We sometimes came across situation where our friends received a very low carry marks and worst,he can't even answer the final exam.Frankly by rough estimation,although he got full marks for the final exam he still can't pass the subject.

So,most of us would trying to calm him down by say, "don't worry bro.Insha Allah kau lulus punya.Kau jangan risau la.Aku yakin kau bleh."

Ok ok..You might be 'good' at that situation by giving hope or think it positively.But let us face the reality.

If you are a good friend of him,it is better to tell him to face the reality.If you still giving him hope,what will he feels when he fails at the end of the day?Obviously he might cries and acting crazily and suffering extreme bilious which 'doom' his life later on.

It is better to advice/ tell him the truth.At the same time help him plan a new study route/plan for the next semester.You might suggest him what subjects to be taken and what are not at the moment.-You are being a realistic now.

But then,in advising people,we need to know their backgrounds,history etc.It takes time to understand the 'human behavior'..

Although I'm kindda having technical background but I do care about human behaviors and attitudes.It really comes into my concern to deal with human accordingly.

Actually whether we realized it or not,analyzing human behavior before acting is essential especially for us who struggling to spread the words of Allah.

Even Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran regarding this matter.I forgot the surah and ayat but Allah says:

" Ud'u ila sabili rabbika bil hikmah wal mauizatil hasanah...."


May Allah guide us..


Atiqah said...

assalamualaikum wmt wbt

i had difficulties to enter ur blog few days ago..u suddenly make it private..huhu..what happen?

btw thanks for the message that has been forwarded by my brother...i have lots of questions but dont know how to reach u.then try to contact u through ur blog, but cannot access into it...

i will email u the questions..kinda busy lately preparing for another test next week.

i agree with u..realistic or being positive is two options that should be taken in certain circumstances. it depends...wallahualam

ukur kira said...


w/salam w.b.t

Yes and in fact i still make it private during day time..Unexpected event occurred actually.Suddenly some staffs at my working place right now noticed I hav a blog.

One of my friend (who is also working part time)kindda 'menjaja' my blog all over the office.

So,agak segan for me when someone is reading my blog with my present.It's better for readers to read with my absent.

So,office hour i make it private.Malam 'on' semula,Insya Allah.

No probs.Just email me and I'll try to answer it at my best,insya Allah.